To Feed (A Poem)

By Kris Davis

Fiery demons dance upon the moonlight sky
From the distance comes a chilling cry
Your slumber is shaken
Welling up in your soul, you feel the Hunger awaken

Filling every pore of your being
Consuming you it is, not soon to be leaving
Your thoughts swirl about in endless colors
The Hunger has now become your lover

A pain unlike any you have known
Visions now you are being shown
A drive to feed
Now becomes your only need

Nothing else can you see
Save for fulfilling the Hunger’s plea
Emptiness that begs to be filled
What fills that hole brings you a most frightful chill

The plague of darkness it be
From deep within, you long to be free
An escape nowhere is to be found
Ringing between your ears is that echoing sound

Thump. Thump. Thump.
A close heart beating
Thump. Thump. Thump.
That close heart now screaming

Numb to what you once had been
Becoming now, you fiend
Striking out with lightning speed
You are never seen

Your prey falls abruptly to ground
No one but you is around to hear the sound
Blood flowing from the wounds given by you
Your victim is now through

Fire rips through your veins
Her thoughts call your name
Who she was is now you
From your eyes comes now a different view

Drunk you have become
The Hunger has silenced its beating drum
A freedom now gained from this Hunger’s siege
Only to return upon the morrow’s eve

Kris Davis contributed the article “The Hunger: It’s Causes and Dealing with It”, and the poem “To Feed”.

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