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Welcome to Sanguinarius v 5.0.

Sanguinarius has undergone a small number of not-so-small transformations.  The first incarnation of Sanguinarius was The Home Page of Sanguinarius, located on AOL (*shudder*) way back in 1997 (v1.0), before moving to Tripod and becoming Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page (v2.0).  Then it was hosted on a former real vampire resource and community site called The Coven Organization (v3.0). The domain was launched on June 9, 1999 (v4.0), and has undergone a few cosmetic and structural changes since then, but nothing really major.  By mid-to-late 2014, it was apparent that Sanguinarius needed some kind of content management system in order to grow and thrive.  After some research and experimentation (and hair-tearing-out), I decided that WordPress would be the best solution, as it didn’t HAVE to “be a blog” — and besides, if CNN and many other major and well-known websites can use WordPress and look good, so can Sanguinarius.

I’ve tried to include all the information, tips, guide, articles, FAQs and other stuff from the previous incarnation, though it may be presented in a different format or organization.  The important thing is to IMPROVE upon Sanguinarius, not detract from it.  Enough babbling; there’s work to be done (and hair to be torn out *weg*)!

Feel free to look around or register/login as a member so you can post, comment, provide articles or materials, and do other fun stuff (coming later). You are not required to register in order to view the information on this site, or to vote in a poll. If you do register, it is advised that you include your name (it doesn’t have to be your real name) and some sort of profile picture so I won’t delete your empty profile because I think that you’re a spambot which has managed to register.


Site updates, new articles, tips; real vampire, otherkin, therian, donor, and community news and announcements.

  • Progress So Far (10/29/2014) - So far, I”ve been working on the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section, and have gotten the new pages updated through the Psi/Energy section.  Of course, I’m always looking for more info, tips, advice, techniques, etc. I’m not going to be able to finish working on the rest of the Guide until the end of […]
  • The (New) Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice Plus a Request (10/27/2014) - I’m wanting to retitle my Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section because I was at Drink Deeply and Dream and noticed that she has Vampire Guides on her site and I don’t wish to step on her toes.  Yes, I know I’ve had it for a long time, but I don’t know that I had […]
  • Making Progress (10/24/2014) - is slowly progressing, a bit each day.  Today, I finally finished adding all the articles from the old site, although I do need to check the links to “Other Sites’ Article Archives” and make sure they are up-to-date.  I added the “Terminology and Lingo” page and standardized the Audio and Video Archives.  I also […]
  • Finished with the Articles section (finally!) (10/24/2014) - I have finally finished adding all’s many articles from the old site to the new, and I’m takin’ a break.  Next, I plan on working on the Terminology and Lingo (I’ll need a plugin for that) and after that, the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section (I THINK that should go fairly quickly *Sangi […]
  • Beginning to Take Shape (10/21/2014) - Well, I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked, due to back pain and needing to lie down a couple times on the heating pad. But, I did finish the Social Matters and Otherkin/Therian sections of my Articles Archive…er, Library. And I added a Contact form so people can email me […]
  • Continuing to Transfer Articles (10/19/2014) - I am continuing to transfer articles from the old Sanguinarius to the New, and have so far completed adding through Social Matters.  I’ve still got quite a few articles to go, but I’m slowly getting there.  Next section to tackle: Vampyric Lifestyle and CUlture.  Then Otherkin and Therian, Other Stuff, Chat & Discussion Logs, and […]
  • 2 New Articles Sections filled (10/14/2014) - I have gotten as far as filling the sections full of my old site’s articles for: Vampires & Health, Medical & Psycho-Emotional Matters Vampires & Psi Energy Matters Now you can go and read through them, as usual, they are archived by category and date.  And now, I can relax and take the rest of […]
  • Sanguinarius 5.0 Moves to Main Site (10/9/2014) - I just finished moving and updating Sanguinarius 5.0 to the main public html (www) webspace with some much appreciated help and guidance from Jarandhel Dreamsinger.  This site is by no means complete, but testing is done, and the infrastructure is basically all set into place now, and I can begin transferring information from the old […]
  • Slowly making progress again (10/2/2014) - I am now caught back up to where I was before I had to back up practically to the beginning and rethink/redo things.  Actually, that’s happened several times, already.    I am not on strike (that lasted approximate 2-3 days at most), and I am proceeding to develop Sanguinarius 5.0 at the same mad vampire […]
  • Sangi on strike until further notice (9/11/2014) - I’m not doing any work on anything so long as 1.) I’m hot and/or miserable; 2.) I have trouble breathing; and/or, 3.) I haven’t had enough sleep or good quality sleep. Period. That’s all there is too it. That includes any web-researching necessary for any projects I’m working on, i.e., this. Sowwy. Nothing I can […]



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12 Responses to News & Announcements

  1. Looking Good Sangi! I just signed up.

  2. Awesome site Sanguinarius, Hope I can bump into Others from NM here. Keep up the good work.

  3. How could I not sign up?.. Probably by staying in bed. Well anyway the site is looking good! I’ll have a more indepth rummish later today.

  4. I am sooo GLAD to have a central place to help out with donors questions or concerns.

  5. Avatar RaduDracul
    RaduDracul says:

    I just joined I am happy to see that their are people like me in the world.

  6. Avatar Silvermane
    Silvermane says:

    Almost a decade ago I was part of a coven of witches which is when I was first discovered to be a psychic vampire. During ceremonies, women especially began suffering severe migraine headaches especially during the drawing down of power segment. At first one of the ladies thought that perhaps they were doing something wrong and incurring the wrath of pagan Gods we were worshiping at the time. It wasn’t until one of the sisters invited an older more experienced witch with an actual measurable amount of ESP that their headache problem was revealed…It was me.

    Samhain 1996, we had set up and began the rite of Samhain. Mother Alfreda was drawing down the power when she actually screamed gripping her head. It was instantly and she had an instant fever and that’s when High Priestess Ann jumped up from her and was looking at me like I had 5 heads. I was about to ask her what was going on and she shushed me looking around me like she was amazed or something. After she got through “inspecting” me she asked if I was “doing this purposely”. At the time I was completely confused and she had to see it because before I could even say a word she asked me next if I knew I was a psychic vampyre and that I was stealing the energy from the circle. After an ambulance was called and Freda was taken to an emergency room we all sat down at a table that had been set for the spirits of our ancestors to feast and had a discussion that year instead of ritual. This was when I got insight into vampyrism as more than just a television fantasy. I was told flat out that at the time of drawing down that I[my aura] began glowing blue that intensified until it was nearly white hot which was when Freda screamed and collapsed. It was advised that my presence in a witches coven was not a good thing to start as I met certain criteria for being something other than a witch. At the end of most religious rituals most members feel tired. It’s the same in all religions and all religious rites as the energy is borrowed from members and focused to a task before being sent out into the universe to be answered by whatever powers that be[let it be known I have still found no religion I'm comfortable with but do believe in spiritual entities of both benign and malevolent intent]. Instead of being tired or that I’d worked to some end, I felt alive and refreshed and full of energy.

    I blew it off as I wasn’t accepted and they were looking for an excuse to get rid of me. I’m not so sure now. I’m 45 now and have been searching for something spiritually uplifting. I’ve just felt hollow and alone in a spiritual sense. For the past 4 months I’ve gone to church trying to feel something, each time somebody or several people close to me has fallen to headaches, the last one so bad the guy threw up. Coincidence? I don’t believe in it and never have. This Sunday I’ll be staying home and embracing that hollow feeling of being alone inside myself. I have a family love them with all my heart but nothing bigger to believe in. Now, I’m finding myself not in a mid-life crisis but just searching for answers like are psychic vampyres real or something teens are using as a way to get attention? If they are how in the hell can I control it and are there any others out there that are real that can actually cause physical pain to others even though you’ve said not a thing to them and consistently hurt people unwittingly. I can be reached on my wife’s facebook page fastest, Devina Invidia is the name she uses there. She’s actually witnessed people double over in brain searing pain and was present at Samhain when Freda was carted off. Today she was my inspiration for finding out what’s going on because she can see just how alone you can be when I get feeling that spiritually unfulfilled mood. If your not for real then please don’t bother, all of what I’ve conveyed is the absolute truth and has been witnessed so if psychic vampyrism is a reality and there are real psychic vampyres watching these posts I invite your dialog wholeheartedly.

    My thanks for your time and consideration

    • Avatar Silvermane
      Silvermane says:

      And my apologies if it sounds like I come off wrong. I’m just very self conscious about this and no I’m not bi-polar. Just went through a thorough mental screening for medical implants to fix an old injury and bi-polar disease was a biggie

      • Silvermane,

        I believe you. As far as I can tell, psychic vampirism is a real occurrence, although sometimes angsty teens DO adopt it for attention or as a phase; they soon grow out of it.

        Many Wiccan covens are concerned that psychic vampires are stealing the energy they are trying to raise; it probably wasn’t just them trying to get rid of you. I’ve heard of this happening multiple times before. There are ways to control your “feeding”, and there are ways to cycle the energy so that you get what you need and nobody loses out.

        One method, which doesn’t involve taking from any one person directly, is feeding from the ambient energy of a crowd or in a room: ex, a concert or movie theater. The energy people cast off just by being there and doing things becomes no longer identifiable as being from any particular person and is floating freely around the space for anyone to use.

        Another method involves a triumvirate of people, and they get together and cycle their energy and filter and refine it and pass it to each other, each taking a little at a time. Michelle Belanger has written a book called The Psychic Vampire Codex, which goes into this method in-depth. She talks some about reincarnation and an ancient priesthood, which may be a matter of faith, but I feel her energy working information is beneficial. Her website is and I will shortly include a link to her book.

  7. Avatar SangSavvy
    SangSavvy says:

    Looks really awesome, Sangi. How does one go about potentially submitting an article or the like?

    • Jarandhel says, “If they’re registered, logged in, and have a user level of contributor or higher they should have the same kind of write post option that you do in the backend.” Which I believe is under the Profile area.

  8. Avatar Bob Marcus
    Bob Marcus says:

    Am Bob by name, i turn to a vampire any time i want to, I become a vampire because of how people treat me, This world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. At the snack of my finger things are made happened. Am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. I turn to human being also at any time i want to. And am one of the most dreaded man in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a vampire hood by given me their email. if you want to become a powerful vampire kindly contact the vampire hood on their email