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Welcome to Sanguinarius v5.

Nope, I’m not referring to the so-called v5 Virus (or other alleged viruses)  that supposedly turns people into vampires, but which is actually from a TV SERIES… Read on…

Sanguinarius has undergone a small number of not-so-small transformations.  The first incarnation of Sanguinarius was The Home Page of Sanguinarius, located on AOL (shudder) way back in 1997 (v1), before moving to Tripod and becoming Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page (v2).  Then it was hosted on a former real vampire resource and community site called The Coven Organization (v3). The domain was launched on June 9, 1999 (v4), and has undergone a few cosmetic and structural changes since then, but nothing really major.  By mid-to-late 2014, it was apparent that Sanguinarius needed some kind of content management system in order to grow and thrive.  After some research and experimentation (and hair-tearing-out), I decided that WordPress would be the best solution, as it didn’t HAVE to “be a blog” — and besides, if CNN and many other major and well-known websites can use WordPress and look good, so can Sanguinarius.

I’ve tried to include all the information, tips, guide, articles, FAQs and other stuff from the previous incarnation, though it may be presented in a different format or organization.  The important thing is to IMPROVE upon Sanguinarius, not detract from it.  Enough babbling; there’s work to be done (and hair to be torn out weg)!

Feel free to look around or register/login as a member so you can post, comment, provide articles or materials, and do other fun stuff (coming later). You are not required to register in order to view the information on this site, or to vote in a poll. If you do register, it is advised that you include your name (it doesn’t have to be your real name) and some sort of profile picture so I won’t delete your empty profile because I think that you’re a spambot which has managed to register. Default user role is “Subscriber”; send me a message if you wish to be promoted to “Contributor” so you can post, etc.

I would also like to thank Jarandhel Dreamsinger, who has helped me a LOT, from answering questions and explaining the intricacies of WordPress, to getting down and dirty and writing or configuring plugins and generally helping me on my site.


Site updates, new articles, tips; real vampire, otherkin, therian, donor, and community news and announcements.

  • Corvis emergency relocation drive — please help (3/17/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyFor those of you who are not familiar with Corvis Nocturnum, he is the author of a number of books including Embracing the Darkness and Allure of the Vampire, and runs his own publishing company (Dark Moon Press) with many occult, horror and vampire related titles; he also is one of the producers and hosts of the upcoming series, Eerie America (based on his book, Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre), which has … Continue reading
  • Navigating Sanguinarius v5 (2/19/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlySomeone recently requested help on navigating the new version of  I’ll certainly give it a go, although a lot has changed and will continue to change as the site evolves.  I don’t guarantee that I’ll cover everything but I’ll mention some of the basics: You can navigate to different sections of the site, and also hop on over to other sites, using the top-of-the-page Navigation Menu.  Mouseover one of the “tabs”/headings and a … Continue reading
  • Multilingual Site (2/18/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyI just added the capability to translate by machine with phrases editable by (logged in) humans (errr, vampires wink) in the following languages (inclusive): English (of course!) French German Italian Spanish If this plugin works out nicely and does what’s expected, I will upgrade to the full version and include more languages. Rate: 0
  • Simplified Sanguinarius (2/18/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyI simplified the structure and navigation of Sanguinarius by combining the Articles Archive with the Vampire Guide/Vampire Handbook.  The result is the Knowledge Archive and publishing a page or post on here is now a lot simpler!  The Knowledge Archive index (with additional information such as excerpt/summary and publication date) is accessible here, as well as by category in the dropdown list in the left-hand column. I am considering folding the “Awakening Stories” section … Continue reading
  • Comments Working Again (1/27/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyFor the past 48 days, comments were not working.  Eventually, I got a clue that something was wrong and a friend/helper and I looked into things and discovered one of my plugins was blocking them.  Now things have been fixed and comments are once again working. On most every page of Sanguinarius, you can now discuss and comment on the various articles and information. Agree/disagree with an article? Finally find the info you were … Continue reading
  • Added Sanguinarius Community Center (1/24/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyAdded the page for Sanguinarius Community Center in Second Life, a virtual in a virtual, 3-D world.  And as I was adding it to the navigation menu, something went wrong and I lost the whole navigation menu!  Fortunately, after much hassle, I was able to restore things from yesterday’s backup and re-add the page.  All’s well that ends well.  Check the page out, and join us in Second Life (no, it’s NOT just … Continue reading
  • Help! Save! (1/4/2015) - Print/PDF FriendlyCan you help spread the word that I need help saving   I need to raise USD $150 for yearly hosting by the end of January. — Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  The time (not to mention bills and life) just snuck up on me before I’d managed to save anything toward hosting costs. The link is Rate: 0
  • New Theme + Sanguinarius v5 Work Complete (12/30/2014) - Print/PDF FriendlyThanks to Jarandhel Dreamsinger’s super-awesome, mad ninja theme-finding skills, we have a new theme, Mantra, which is even more suitable than the Raindrops/Boots theme I was using.  I’d even say it’s perfectly suitable! This theme also has more widget areas and also doesn’t break the video player.    You’ll probably notice that the new site looks eerily like the previous incarnation (v4).  I think I’m going to go with that, at least for a … Continue reading
  • Sinister Templates (12/27/2014) - Print/PDF FriendlySinister Templates helps people find what theme they are looking for.  New for the Proboards community, we help with spiritual, vampire/vampyre and or other theme needs. Proboards is better looking and easier to work than Yuku. All free. Donations are welcome, however. If any of you have forums at Proboards or are interested in making them, feel free to come by, request or drop off your own link boards. (a new window will … Continue reading
  • Theme-hunting again (Pardon our dust) (12/26/2014) - Print/PDF FriendlyPlease pardon the lack of a decent WordPress theme.  The one I was using, which was almost perfectly suitable for my site, recently  got updated and it slowed the page-load time to minutes, rather than seconds.  This current theme (Twenty-Fifteen), will have to do until I can find something suitable.  I’ve got someone helping me, so that is good. I’ll be working on this today (even though I have a tummy ache). Rate: 0



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