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Problems Vampires Have

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This has problems pertaining to dealing with "everyday" (everynight?) things for vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.


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I myself am not a vampire, at least I don't think so anyway, but my fiancee is. He is a Psi-vamp which is perfectly fine with me except that he sucks the energy out of me faster than I can replenish it. Most of the time I don't think he even realizes what he is doing. In fact, I think it may be some sort of sub-conscious feeding on his part because I feel the worst effects of it when I wake up in the morning. No matter how good of sleep I seem to have had I wake up next to him every morning feeling like I have just been hit by a train. I have even had to reduce my working hours as a result.

When I am gone someplace like out with friends or to visit my mom I do gain a lot of my energy level back but when I get back home and my fiancee is there with me I can literally feel the physical and emotional energy (well I call it that for lack of a better word but it's really feels more like my life itself) drained right out of me.

He feels so bad but I honestly don't think he knows how to control it, besides trying to hang out at some busy places like the mall for awhile before I come home.
Do you have any suggestions to either help him get a handle on this or help me to block him?

From The Vampire's Bride, tiffanywieland (at)

My main problem is my vampiric nature itself. I am 23 and have been conscious of my nature since I was 15.

While at university, I met a guy who completely stole my heart. From very early on in the relationship I knew he was something special so I was open and honest about the vampiric side of my life and for a time he was even a donor to me. I thought I'd found the perfect match. As it turns out he didnt take me completely seriously and assumed it was all some blood play sex game. So that stopped after a while. I didnt mind, I wasnt going to force the one I loved into anything he didnt want and by that time I was adept at psi feeding and our close connection made it childs play to feed every night.

As the years wore on I we talked less and less about it. My symptoms however became more pronounced as I matured as a vampire (I was about 5 years awake at this point), the need to feed was always strong, I developed empathetic tendencies and could bring down, or be brought down by, a room just by entering it and I became reclusive and depressed and suffered migraines in times of stress and exposure to the sun and heat, at far lower levels that would affect a non-vampire. This was my darkest hour and it coencided with moving into a flat with my love and trying to establish a life together properly. It did not go well. We split and we saw different people for the next 8 months or so while still seeing each other. I just couldnt let him go completely and it was my vampiric nature that just wouldnt give up. It was at this time he started to express opinions along the line of 'i think your beliefs in vampirism are a symptom of mental illness'. Luckily I had a good network of friends and a donor who supported me through these accusations. But I loved him and I just stopped talking about it, stopped indulging in the outward signs of vampirism but continually fed from him as we lay beside each other at night as we considered getting back together.

But I reached breaking point and I had to admit to still feeling vampiric and not wanting to leave it behind. This caused another split and his insistence that I get psychological councilling. A few weeks after the split I agreed and started to go. By this point I was curious myself. I was open and honest about myself with the councilor and she actually turned around and said 'I dont think you're suffering from mental problems' and our sessions were in spring, and it was a hot one so I was not at my best. I turned down more in depth treatment because I'd found out what I wanted. That I was a healthy, stable vampire under attack for something I was honest about from the start. So we parted ways more forcefully and I threw myself out into the vampire scene in London. A meet up group (not real vampires though the organisers do run one) was where I met a gentleman who was everything I could have wanted, long hair, feminine, very intelligent and magnetically gothic. A true man of wealth and taste. We kissed and he gave me a lift home. A week later I had fallen into his life but even now I wasnt comfortable. He took me beyond anything I'd experienced before, both sexually and recreationally and out time together was exciting. As I tried to explain my nature to him he was dismissive but kind. Very kind, and comforting and desperate to take care for me. This desire to keep me as a lap cat began to grate on my nerves, I am a strong independant lady and I attribute a lot of that confidence to my vampiric side.

But my feelings for my love have endured and I've been forced to break off my attachment to my gentleman as I'm still so in love with my love. I cant escape the need to be with him. He brings out all my vampire passion and I would fight for him and protect him above my own life. I am regularly over come with the desire to devour him simply by the scent of his neck. He is my other half. But in order to be with him I needed to say the words 'I am not a vampire'. This simple sentence was so hard and I felt I'd betrayed my true self.

But if he cant understand what I am, maybe he is best off not knowing and I, like so many of us will live forever half in the shadows, concealing my real nature from those who cannot understand it and so are afraid of it. Its just such a shame when you love someone so much it overrides this truth, because I cannot survive without him.

Thank you for listening.

Contributed by VZ

Greetings from Portugal. Well, first of all I want to say that I want to thank the website for the truthful information available and that it is one of my favorite vampirism websites.

Now, I'll talk about my problems. I had problems in the school because one guy discovered that I'm a psi-vamp and he tried to kill me in the front of everyone. My luck was that a friend of mine protected me. Whatever... it is past. Now i've a different mentality and I don't say to anyone what I am.

Another problem: I feel more weak during the day than during the night. I don't know if it happens with some of you or if it is just me. I've a problem with clarity and sometimes I really feel blind. It's a awful sensation. It's hard to explain. I suffer of anxiety and insomnias... I don't know if there are some vampires out there with the same problems.

I knew years ago one girl from Lisbon that is psi-sang vamp and she helped me a lot in the awakening. Unfortunately, I lost her contact... so, feel free to write / add me:

Contibuted by Luís Coutinho

You wanna know a big problem? When friends don't accept you, you're left alone because they hate you and they LEAK YOUR SECRET! GOOD GOD I'm getting tired of the daily games of tease-the-vamp at my school because of some intolerant piece of **** spread it ALL THROUGH the place! And what's worse than being hated and annoyed is when you accidentally hurt someone when you vamp out because they're messing with you! I punched some ****er in the face, but thank god i didn't get caught or I would have been expelled. I punched him for dancing around saying, "Oh come on Dracula, I've got a lot of blood, right here! Come on, have a sip!" I need to punch him again; even though he cried the first time he STILL DOESN'T GET IT!

Contributed by Bloodwrath

Let me introduce myself. I prefer to be called The Countess. I awoke 20 years ago to the realization that I was different. In those days, there were no support groups...nothing. Imagine if you will having these very intense dreams with no explanation, being extremely sensitive to light, nocturnal tendencies, blood lust, being able to manipulate energy..and yes..being empathic. How about growing up in a house where Mormonism reigned and not being able to tell a soul who I was or what I was going through. I barely understood it myself.

The times...was unbearable. I am a firm believer that if you cannot help yourself then no one else can help you. So I developed on my own. I started to read what little material was available. I gathered bits and scraps...piece by piece I learned what the dreams meant, who I am....what my name is...and why I chose to be reborn. I live in the shadows as it is better to remain unknown than be on the hunter's lists.

Yes....there are still hunters and yes they have come knocking on my doorstep. Those of you who do not believe this are foolish. They still think that we are evil...that we are spawns of Satan...and need to be exterminated. We can sit here all day and complain about the hunger or other issues but this is the most threatening to all of us. Even if we were to come forth and try to educate it is of no use. People only hear what they want to hear and unless they want to change their thinking then education and acceptance is futile. In my long existence this has been the case and in this century it is no different. This is why we are still on the fringe and continue to let Hollywood dictate what a vampire is. This is why the RPGers have their stupid "houses" and such. I agree that eventually we must come out of hiding...and I was hoping it would be this century...but recent events have shown me otherwise.

From the gentleman who was murdered by a co-worker's hand just because his co-worker thought he was a vampire to a couple who were to death...because of the way they dressed...this world is not ready for us. These are just a few examples of many...

In summary, be careful who you reveal yourselves all you can and know that being Vampir is a blessing. All other issues are only temporary. Once you learn how to use these gifts and grow spiritually other problems discussed in these forums will become irrelevant. Knowledge is power.

I hope you all take away these words of wisdom for an old one such as myself. Live...learn...and believe.

Contributed by the Countess

I'm in high school. We work in indoor classrooms but the halls, lunch, etc. are all outdoors. I am exposed to a lot of sun and it gets pretty hard. People keep asking me why I always wear a jacket, especially when it’s really hot out. I just tell them it’s a habit, that I always wear a jacket. It gets very hot wearing a jacket, though.

Also I can’t get a donor. Going a while without a donor makes me pretty moody and disengaged from my friends. I get angry easily. Last year my friend who is a HUGE role player wouldn’t stop talking about it. I got pissed and didn’t talk to her for four months. I get REALLY sensitive about the vampire jokes and games. Usually I can take it, but like I said, I can’t get a donor. The blood lust gets really bad sometimes. I’m a weird person though so because of that people don’t notice my behavioral changes.

None of my friends know that I’m a vampire. I tried telling one and it turns out she was, too. Yeah... she was a 600-yea-old vampire. Well, after that I hadn’t tried telling anyone for a while (RPGers make things so hard). Recently, I came out about being a Satanist to my friends; they were all pretty cool with it. But I still haven’t got up the guts to tell my friends. It’s really lonely and hard having no one to talk to about the day-to-day vampire problems.

Contributed by Sara

I am a 17-year-old recently awakened hybrid (sangi/psi) vamp. My problem is probably common. I have a problem with getting blood. I had a friend that would donate to me, but she has moved across the country, and only a couple other people know what I am... But they aren't willing to donate. So I have to get most of my energy from nature...which I have no problem with. But I get bad cravings for blood a lot. We don't have any butchers around where I live; we only have big delis, and I don't think I could get blood from them. I have a friend (well... more of an acquaintance really) who is a sang vamp, and he kills rabbits and other animals like that for blood, but I don't feel comfortable killing anything. And I don't really feel comfortable asking him to do it for me seeing as how we aren't very close, and he doesn't even know I've awakened. I drink my own sometimes when I really start vamping out for the taste of it...but that doesn't hold me very long. So, if you guys have any suggestions, or can help in any way... please email me at BSwolf13 (at)

Thanks so much guys!

Contributed by -bloodless heart-

I feel cheated. All of these Vampire movies and books created out of a romantic fear. A blood hungry creature that stalks the foul night, feasting on man, woman and child mercilessly. This is not a correct portrayal of me. I am not a dark, brooding night stalker who dreams of murderous meals. I am kind. I am a loving woman. A mother, wife, lover and friend. I have always known my true nature and been careful for fear of reprisal and the ignorance of others. Of late, my protection of my nature and oftentimes called satanic activity has been overshadowed by my need to inform and give correct information. How long do we stand in shadows and operate under a code of silence, while we are portrayed carelessly and without thought to who we are, as people?

Contributed by Diva

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