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Ethics for the Recently Awakened Vampire

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By Pyewacket

A list of things that all 'blood vampires' should keep in mind, specifically those having to deal with both vampirism and High School. Thanks to Obsidean and sarasvati for contributing.

1.) Being a vampire does not give me an excuse to act superior to non-vamps.

2.) I will be patient with anyone new to vampirism and not give them faulty information.

3.) People do stupid things when they’re young: I will not feed from someone without informing them exactly what they are getting into.

4.) I realize that I am constantly learning about vampirism and myself but I will use common sense when listening to others' views of vampirism.

5.) Non-vampires occasionally pose as vampires, and I will not think less of them for being misinformed, and realize that even they may be able to teach me important things.

6.) I may be a vamp, but I'm not invincible.

7.) Even when going through blood withdrawal, there is NO excuse for drinking from any living being without their permission.

8.) I will take all the proper precautions with my donor, to ensure both our safety.

9.) Although I am a vampire I am not immune to blood-borne disease.

10.) I will not flaunt my vampirism to people that should not know about it.

11.) I will tell only people I trust implicitly to be understanding and not tell others who may be a danger to me, should they know.

12.) My physical health is important and I will try my best to stay a healthy human, even when I don’t feel like eating or sleeping properly.

13.) I will try to be open to views other than my own.

14.) A sense of humor is vital to everyone, and I am not afraid to laugh at myself; sometimes it’s the only way to get through a day.

15.) Being nocturnal does not give me an excuse to sleep in class.

16.) Just because I am a new vampire does not mean that I should isolate myself from my friends; my awakening did not change who I am.

17.) I am not any more of a vampire if I act the part; fictional vampires are fiction and I do not need to prove my vampirism by dressing in black, listening to rock music, or frightening people.

18.) My donor is a very important person, and I will be patient with them and understand if they aren’t feeling up to donating, even if I am very hungry.

19.) Going through blood withdrawal does not give me permission to snap at my peers, my teachers, or my parents.

20.) I will not attribute every odd feeling I have to vampirism; I can get physically ill as easily as anyone else, and check all “symptoms” with a doctor before I jump to any conclusions.

All contents © 2003 - Present, Pyewacket. Do not use without permission. Reprinted with permission.

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