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Awakening Stories, Page 5

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In this section, I present stories of teen vampires' awakenings and experiences while going through their awakenings. If you are a teen vampire who has awakened, is awakening, or an older vampire who awakened during your teens, and would like to share your experiences, please see Awakening Stories, Page 1 for more info.


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I was 13 when it happend and scared out of my mind. I thought I had finaly snapped! I had been fascinated by, not just vampires, but zombies, werewolves, witches, the occult, and anything else I could get my creepy little hands on, for some time. But my main obsession was ,of course, vampires.

When I started having dreams about blood and cravings that could kill a moose, and then became even more sun-senastive than I always had been, along with the other signs that awakening brings, I was sure I had lost it. I remember sitting in my room thinking, "Oh, my god! You have finally taken this thing too far!" I was very depressed for a long time; I hid in the dark and and even my mom started making vampire jokes about me because I was so terrified of the sun.

I nearly passed out one day while I was school shopping with my grandpa and cousins; then, after he brought me home, I spent nearly 18 hours (which felt like five minutes) sleeping the incident off. I spent hours doing research on the internet until I found web sites on sang vamps and other people like me. After I read a few things and felt that I understood what was happening to me more, I felt a lot better about it, myself, and life in general.

I'm still struggling, but I'm a lot better now that I know I'm not alone and I'm not crazy.

Contributed by Legs

I awakened when I was extremely young, like four years old. I started with dreams about vampires comforting me, singing me to sleep, and generally acting like a loving parent. Keep in mind that my parents were very abusive to me growing up.

After a few weeks of the dreams, I started feeling real tired all day, but I just couldn't fall asleep at night. Next came a point where I realized that no matter how much water I drank I was always thirsty. Then came the strange part.

I was out playing with my friend one day when I got real dizzy for no reason and I just collapsed. My friend ran over to me and started poking me to see if I was okay. Then out of nowhere I felt perfectly fine, and I jumped up and looked at my friend, who to my surprise, was pale as death and sitting there staring off at nothing. She told me that when she poked me she just got real tired and dizzy all at once.

We were five or six at the time, but over the years things got stranger. I started drinking blood, I wore sunglasses to school, I even hissed at the teacher when she tried to take my sunglasses! By the time I was ten, I knew what was happeing, but I didn't have any control over myself until I was fourteen or so. Talk about a rough childhood... awful parents and an awakening!

Contributed by Anonymous

I don't know if my story is an awakening story. I hope I share my feelings and the things I've experienced over the past while with someone out there.

I am an internet junkie and have always been engrossed in chat sites and MUD games and such. I have met tonnes of friends online. A certain friend of mine introduced me to the world of real vampires, and I was stunned and amazed. I kept reading and researching and the whole thing just seemed to be all around me. At the time I was discovering myself in many ways, and it was a meaningful spiritual journey for me. Months passed and I didn't think about it, but from curiosity Ilooked up the site again and read for interest.

I've since moved to a new school. I've talked to one of my vampire friends online about my feelings and she says I'm probably just messing with myself. I get blood cravings, and if someone starts bleeding, I zone out a little and start to become sort of tingly and numb all over... It passes if I go far away from the blood and drink a cool glass of water out of the sun. I don't know if its real or in my head... I don't have any sun sensitivity, except maybe fabricated ... I don't feel like being in the sun but it doesn't do anything to me. About once or twice a week these days, I see some blood on TV or someone gets a cut and I just get reminded. Sometimes when I get really stressed and freaked out for no reason I bite the inside of my mouth and just taste a little bit of it and I feel better.

I take every day as it comes and I have no expectations.. I can deal with what life throws at me. but still, its nice to be able to talk to someone and my computer is the only place I can deal with this and talk it out in peace. I still don't know if I'm making my reality up as I go along... or if it is real?

if anyone wants to chat I'm paul_mare (at) hotmail . com on MSN or suckshotgunmofo on AIM.

Contributed by Paul

Frist let me just start by saying how truly awkward this is for me. I've never been one to discuss the subject of vampirism lightly, but when I found this website and began reading some of the other teen awakening stories, I simply could not resist. I'll tell you what I think you should know about me. My name is Silver, I am 17 years old, and I am a vampire. My awakening occurred when I was 15 (almost 16) years old, and at the time it was pretty damn scary.

Ever since I can remember, I've always had several symptoms that a vampire may have: blood craving, sesitivity to sunlight, insomnia; it's all there. But I never really began to think that I was a vampire until my freshman year of high school. That's really when it all started. The sensitivity to sunlight came first for me. It became absolutely unbearable for me to be in sunlight. It's not like it was necessarily painful at first, but it was uncomfortable. I felt this stinging sensation all over my body that just wouldn't quit until I went indoors; even the shade was just too intense. Up until this point in time, I'd always had a pretty nice tan; you can imagine how shocked I was when that golden tan disappeared completely in about one week's time. I now have a very pale complection. To be perfectly honest, most of the time I am as white as a corpse. I do not dare go out into the light for any longer than half of an hour or, even with sun block on, my skin will be red and sore, and usually start to peel the next day.

Blood cravings is a slightly touchy subject for me. It makes me feel like a freak every time someone gets cut in front of me, or any where near me, for that matter. I can control myself now, but earlier on that proved to be rather difficult, and resulted in some embarassing situations. I remember one time when my boyfriend and I had first started going out. He was introducing me to a group of his friends for the first time. He was saying somthing and he accidentally bit down really hard on his lip; you could actually see the blood drip. I simply couldn't help it, I practically jumped him and started to suck the blood from this tiny wound located on his bottom lip. Shortly thereafter, I realized what I was doing. My boyfriend and his freinds looked horrified. I had made such an ass of myself. Being as we were all goth kids, they all dissmissed it as some kind of kinky hangup, but that was not the first impression I had been hoping to make.

The other incident happened when I was helping my mother cook. She cut her hand while chopping some carrots and I saw, smelled, and practically tasted the blood, and totally lost it. I snatched up her hand and actually licked the blood from it. Oh god, that was embarrassing, and led to a very "interesting" mother-daughter talk that evening.

After that, I really started considering the possibility that I might be a real vampire. I researched the topic with great dilligence, and came to the conclusion that I was indeed a Vampire; that was a tough pill to swallow. To this day, I've never actually trusted this secret with anyone. I joke about it occasionally, but I've never admitted it with any sincerity until now. I don't have a donor, so when I drink it is usually my own blood. I feed at least once a week and have found that I become sick when I don't.

But now that I understand, being a vamp is not so bad. It has some pretty cool perks. I'm not so sure how normal this is but I actually have fangs, natural fangs, that I get comments about frequently. It scares some people but most just think its kinda cool. In addition, I have very keen reflexes, awsome night vision, and if I ever can get to sleep before dawn I sleep like the dead. It is a comforting thought to know that I am not the only one out there; as such I am so grateful that I found this website.

Contributed by Silver

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