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Awakening Stories, Page 4

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In this section, I present stories of teen vampires' awakenings and experiences while going through their awakenings. If you are a teen vampire who has awakened, is awakening, or an older vampire who awakened during your teens, and would like to share your experiences, please see Awakening Stories, Page 1 for more info.


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Awakening has its ups and downs when you're 14. I’m a hybrid, just so you know. I really only drink blood when I see it and can get it without any problems, usually from my own cuts, wounds, etc. I mostly feed psychically. The worst part of awakening is that I often lose control of my energy absorbing.

A lot of the times I’ll walk into a class, feeling sick and empty. I act lazy and don’t want to be talked to. But after a while, I notice that as I become more active and talkative, the kids around me become more irritable. Then I realize “OH CRAP!” I’m draining them!

But, one thing I noticed is that I can sense energy quite easily. I always win at Man Hunt and Marco-Polo, even if I can’t see someone physically, it’s like I can see their aura. If I stare at somebody for about a minute or so, I start to see a kind of “glowing” field of energy around them. And as soon as they move, it either disappears or it follows them.

Also, I always noticed that I can feel what everyone is feeling. If the kid next to me is sick, I start to feel sluggish. If someone feels happy, I start to feel happy for no reason. But, one thing I hate is that if too many people are showing extreme emotion at once, I start to rapidly absorb it, and when all those different kinds of energy meet, they make a MAJOR headache brew in my brain.

But, one thing I have to say is good about awakening is the slightly better night vision, being able to somewhat control the energy absorbing, and most of all, the psychic barriers. I did notice though, that my barriers are extremely advanced for my age and time since awakening. I mean, there is this other psi-vamp at my school, and he is really strong. He used to be able to pierce my earlier shields easily, draining all the little bits and scraps I managed to get from people. But, now since awakening, my barriers are super-strong.

He must have noticed I awakened because one day he saw me, and ran. Then when he tried to absorb my energy, my shield opened full force and stopped him dead in his tracks. Then, my shield helped me take his energy, by stripping away parts of his shield. Also, after working on it for hours everyday, I finally mastered the ability to shield my energy donor from him. No more mister nice vamp for me.

Also, I’m a Libra. So my element is wind. My shields work way better when I’m outside than inside. If I focus extremely hard, and block all other thoughts, noises, etc., I can actually make the wind pick up slightly, and I can make it intensify if there is already wind. I mean, it may all be in my head, but maybe not.

Anyway, like I said, awakening has its ups and downs. So if you’re a psi/hybrid teen who just started awakening, don’t worry about mastering your abilities all at once. If you try hard and focus, they will develop. It's in your nature to be able to control yours and other people’s psychic energy. And about the picking up of other people's emotions, try developing a shield. The more you try to make it, the stronger it will become; and the stronger it becomes, the stronger your protection becomes. And if you want to contact me, my e-mail is v_angel (at) or littlewashu456 (at)

Contributed by Stephen

Hello. My name is Heather, but my friends call me Thorn. My awakening always was there, but it crept up on me slowly like a cold autumn chill. I began noticing it when I was in first grade. I wasn't really bothered by blood or vampires, or even dark and frightening stuff that usually scared the heck out of little kids. I would drink my blood if my finger was cut and so on. (I still do) Time went by normally...well, my kind of normal. Ever since that grade, everyone called me a vampire. I mean they had all right to. I'm very, very pale, blonde, green eyed, long strong nails and finally...extra long fangs.

But when I was about nine years old, my awakening grew stronger. I grew more intolerable to the sunlight. I complained about it all the time. It was, and still is, too bright for my eyes. I grew more and more liking to the night. I would stay up later and later without getting tired at all. Then what threw me for a loop, was how my senses grew immensely. My hearing grew to an amazing extent. I am able to tell when someone is watching TV without hearing what they were watching to. I guess you can say I heard the waves. Next, my reflexes grew to be like a cat's. This pretty much scared some people. But I really didn't mind. My sense of smell always was very acute. I can smell things seconds or even minutes before others can. And usually I can tell what it is. eyesight grew pretty immensely too. I wear glasses constantly, so it really wasn't that good. But, I could see movement pretty far off while others have to concentrate for a few minutes to see it. But my vision at night, I am able to see quite clearly. This was amazing for me. My blood lust wasn't that much more then what it had been those many years ago.

Then, I was completely freaked when I found out towards the end of seventh grade, that I was psychic. The good thing was, so was my friend. At least I wasn't alone. But then also, my bloodlust started growing. I would stare at people's necks and wrists without even knowing it. If I stare long enough, I could sense their pulse. That is when I shake it out of my head. But not lately...

Eighth grade was when I knew. I knew something was going on. I knew I had to be a vampire. How else could I explain these weird blood cravings and different "powers." I mean, out of everyone I know, they have broken one or more bones. Me on the other hand, haven't broken anything. Bruised badly or sprained/twisted something, of course. But never brokened. I was so sure of it. It was so hard to control my bloodlust. I found myself sometimes cutting my fingers on purpose to get the blood. I couldn't help it. I came very close to biting down on my ex-boyfriend's neck so many times when we were together. I had to pull away and try to calm myself down. I almost did that to many friends too. So I began to distance myself a bit from my friends, I still do.

So now in ninth grade, my bloodlust is high, my senses are amazing, and I'm still called a vampire. My tolerance for the sun now is paper thin. I despise it with a burning passion as hot as Hellfire. I don't know what to do, but accept it. When I was shown your website, via my sister, and read your awakening stories, I felt something strange inside me. It just felt....well.....right. I got the feeling of belonging. I now know for sure I'm a vampire. Like usual, I don't care what others think. I am what I am. And so is everyone else.

Contributed by ~Thorn~

My AIM SN is Dragonnordyk, and my e-mail address is Dragonnordyk (at)
Feel free to communicate whenever. I'm glad to know there are others out in this world who are like me.

First off, I am 14 and have sort of begun my awakening. It's a little hard to explain, at least it is if I were to make it short. But, seeing that oddly enough it's simpler to write more I shall. Second, I shall introduce myself further. My e-mail address, at least my more private one, is, though most, except my close friends, know me as Zalo, a name I created without the knowledge that it is a dish detergent in Norway, I think. Anyways, though I say this is my awakening now isn't quite the most accurate thing to say. Though I've always loved the taste of blod as far as I remember, the first time I actually began having blood lusts was a little over a year ago, on a ride home from school. Fortunately, I've always had a very strong will and was skilled at hiding that fact I was almost always depressed, so hiding it, though it didn't quite have the mental effects it does now, the craving certainly was there and wouldn't leave fore days. I however never thought of it being vampirism.

After that, it simply seemed to disappear until the end of the school year, or at least close to it, which put it at about half a year. After that, again, it seemed to disappear. Then, a little over a month ago it returned, the mental effects there, making it a difficult to do anything other than keep it contained. One such thing it did was make it seem as if things were moving when they shouldn't be, such as my notebook. After that it lasted until the end of the period and into the next, calming, though the thirst for the taste of it remained. Then, as of last week, it once again returned, during my sixth period class, the feeling animalistic, much more than the one a month before, and I did almost nothing, did not respond, simply concentrating on looking as if nothing was happening.

The next day, Thursday the 27th of October, apparently it was the unofficial "Vampire Night" and at that point it rose, the site of blood, even if it was only on TV was too irresistible, the thirst nearly unbearable and at one point I was actually rubbing myself at the thought of having blood, the thirst of it overpowering. And as the night grew later, it grew stronger, almost pushing beyond my boundaries of control, every light that was on began giving me a migraine. I had to shut off the kitchen lights and lower the monitor brightness to the darkest it would go so that I could still read what I was doing and generally the only lights that affect me are either very bright light, sun light or strobe lights, which screw with my vision so badly it affects my ability to simply walk.

As for the sun, generally I have no problem because I was born with good genes though it burns the hell out of my eyes. Fortunately the sunglasses I have, though they are mirrored, have a 98% UV protection and even then my contacts provide 96% anyways. As for smells, though I'm usualy congested, I can often smell things that are very faint and I have actually taught myself to be a human thermometer because I can feel the very air and I am rather accurate. But I must go now. If anyone wishes to talk, simply send me some mail and I'll gladly respond. I'm rather gregarious, though I can be very secret and discreet.

Contributed by Harashi Firedemon, harashi_firedemon (at)

The first time I found out I was a vampyre was about two years ago. I started getting a really strong taste of blood when I went out with this girl I had met from my cousin's girlfriend. Like most teens, we started making out, except she pulled up my shirt and bit my nipple to the point it bled. Ouch! Then with a mouthful of blood she makes out with me again. It was like what I tasted.

Now, two year later, I'm nauseated and sensitive in sunlight and flourescant light; thirst is stronger than ever; I feel like I have no energy when I don't feed every week; and I'm having problems trying to find blood. Two years ago, I was a bit tanned; now I'm paler. Then, I had mostly gray/green/blue eyes; now they have weird yellow streak in them. I see better at night, and I can smell better, and hear better. It's hard, but you can learn to live with it.

Contributed by Chris

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