Vampirism: Differentiating Facts from Fakes

By K. K. comments, “In recent months, I’ve been struck by just how many other so-called ‘message boards’ there are out there that purport to be staffed or maintained by ‘real’ vampires, and the staggering amount of disinformation found therein. In response to some of the more outlandish posts, I wrote a rebuttal which I have revised and re-posted on various other boards, in the hope that it might at least be of use in … Continue reading

Embrace Me, Said the Maiden

By Sarah Dorrance I don’t get many people writing me, begging me to turn them anymore. I suspect that’s because I’ve let my views on the subject of “turning” be well known in all the lists and groups I’ve associated with. To wit: I don’t believe in it. Yes, I am aware that there is a “viral theory” of vampirism — okay, in that case, show me some studies of the virus. What? There aren’t … Continue reading

Turning or Awakening?

By Narradas The idea of turning is a myth. Those people who exhibited no vampiric tendencies that are ‘turned’ are actually latent vampires. A latent vampire (also known as ardetha) is defined as “Someone who is already naturally a vampire, but whose vampiric tendencies have not yet manifested.” (, House Kheperu discusses latent vampires also: “The bulk of our number are born ignorant to what they are. As they grow and mature, there are … Continue reading

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