Finding Substitutes

By Mike Future A lot of vampires tell me, “No substitute can quench my thirst for blood.” While this may or may not be true, more than usual, these folks haven’t taken the time to find substitutes that suit them. First off, the exact medical reason for our blood craving is not known. This fact may make it hard to diagnose proper blood substitutes, but conversing with fellow vamps has given us a solid base … Continue reading


By Anonymous I was doing some research on blood substitution recipes (these things happen when one muses over the topic of Klingon Blood Wine too long) and I happened to come across Sanguinarius. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with all the recipes I found on the net, so I did some research from some medical sites and created my own blood substitute recipe. It is chemically very similar to real blood, but … Continue reading

The Surprises Awakening Brings (for ‘blood vamps’)

By Sari This is a stage all blood vamps go through (and I’m pretty sure psi-vamps do, too), and it’s sorta like puberty — except that you have blood desires, not sex desires. When I recently went through my awakening, I discovered it was HELL. Insomnia, being unable to be in light without pain or discomfort, and the constant desire to suck your friends’ blood were just a few of the things that changed. I … Continue reading

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