Handbook: Interview Advice & Guidelines

Newer items will be marked with  and will not necessarily appear at the top of the page. Page last updated: 2015-02-09 Sangi’s Interview Advice and Guidelines by Sanguinarius 1.) Make sure the interviewer is who s/he says s/he is are and what s/he claims to be. If they say they have a book contract, check with the publisher to see if they are telling the truth; ask the person to see a copy of their … Continue reading

Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness

A sobering message to the participants of the vampire community By Merticus & Zero The vampire community was formed in part to promote the well-being of its members with a supportive social network. We’ve done an admirable job in promoting safer feeding practices, sensitivity and acknowledgment of donor concerns, and sharing the most effective ways to manage or conceptualize vampirism. We’ve supported one another as we discovered that it was acceptable to form our own … Continue reading

Etiquette Amongst the Damned; or, Vampire Ethics

By Corvis Nocturnum Almost parallel to “normal everyday life” there is another. At night we find Vampires do exist in dark nightclubs across the country, and we occasionally find Satanists performing rituals who aren’t Devil worshipers at all. There are people dressed as Dominatrices, complete in bondage gear, in this world rich in its mix of diverse and wondrous people, each one having their own story. In dealing with our fellow travelers in the dark, … Continue reading

Real Vampire Community Abuse Awareness Campaign

A message to visitors, newcomers and all those on their paths of discovery By Zero & Merticus The real vampire community is an open and accepting culture, which should be a safe space to engage in introspection and the open exchange of ideas. Whether you have a solid self-understanding as a vampire or non-vampire, or whether you’ve come to the community in pursuit of such an understanding, the community is a place which is often … Continue reading

Reflections on the Current Vampire Trend: Embracing the Darkness After Twilight

By Lady Lily As one of the many who went to see Twilight this last Friday, I couldn’t help but think about how in vogue vampirism and the goth look seem to be this season. There have even been poorly written puff pieces designed to shock and/or frighten the unassuming public into the reality of our existence in local papers all over the country, doubtlessly inspired by the starry-eyed infatuation of Bella Swan and her … Continue reading

Real Vampires Going Public — Debate: Good or Bad Idea?

RKCoon and Anshar are the main participants in a debate about real vampires going public and talking to the media, and the results thereof; this debate took place in #Sanguinarius on December 8th, 2008. ===== <Anshar> My government professor got a kick out of my interview on FoxNews about vampirism. He used it as an example of bias in the media. <Sanguinarius> lol <Anshar> Priming and framing issues. <Sanguinarius> hey, Anshar, you did a decent … Continue reading

A Kind Note About Vampire Discrimination

By Alynna Trypnotk, Kitsune I write this small article about a disturbing trend I see in the pagan community and other spiritually aware communities about discrimination against vampires and psivamps. I write this as a kitsune and in the interest of full disclosure I will note that kitsune are energy vampires by nature, so this article may also seem to be serving a purpose of defending myself. However I am in full awareness of how … Continue reading

The Essence of the Vampire

By Hawkmoor In my previous dissertation; “Red, Red Wine: The Modern Vampire”, I deliberately set out to demonstrate that Vampires exist, as a group of people who feel attractions and needs that are dissimilar, yet in some ways frighteningly familiar, to normal people. I demonstrated how everyday things can assume whatever significance, or relevance, one may wish to attach; in this essay I shall detail the manner in which the modern Vampyre thinks, reacts, feels … Continue reading

RK’s Primer to Vampirism and the Vampire’s World

By RKCoon This is going to be an interesting one, as my brain decided just as I was crawling into bed that I needed to write this article. I’ve been seeing a lot of crap lately on a number of boards and locations, and I think it’s time that I put forward MY view, to help clear the air some. So, without further ado… To start with, my defining what a vampire is or is … Continue reading

On ‘Vampiric Rape’ and Prey, Part 5

By Lauren Finally, I would like to leave you with this. As humans, our bodies are created in such a way that if the body has a deficiency, we will crave the substances that provide the subject of the craving. Hypoglycemics, when sugar levels drop, will crave candy, or fruit or foods that contain sugar. When one’s potassium levels drop, the individual may crave potatoes or bananas. Whatever method of delivery that will satisfy that … Continue reading

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