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So…You wanna link to my site, eh? Well….okay. Thanks! 😀 Feel free to add a link to Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page from your site. Help yourself to the above animated banner, too. Below is a variety of banner graphics and buttons you can use if you want to, plus instructions on how to do so (for those who are newbie webmasters). To Link To: To link to this: Use this URL: for Real … Continue reading

Is this page something to do with role-playing, or is it just some sort of weird web thing?

Neither. (I actually got this as an email…) *Andy Rooney voice* I've always wondered what the fellow meant by “some weird web thing”? What IS a weird web thing, anyway? I know of a site which translated normal web pages and made them appear to be written in the way that JarJar Binks spoke in Star Wars. I think it was called the JarJar Jargonizer. I don't know if it's still around. I would definitely … Continue reading

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