Who Do You Think You Are?

By Deacon Gray (GYP)— With two younger Houses at war, the internet in an uproar, the feud between The House of Ma`at and The House of Anunnaki spent months of debate, harsh words and even at times threats over a basic concept. The issue at hand at the time was one of the authority of position, in short it was all about power. Not many today remember those Houses, as both have since disbanded for … Continue reading

Vampirism: Differentiating Facts from Fakes

By K. K. comments, “In recent months, I’ve been struck by just how many other so-called ‘message boards’ there are out there that purport to be staffed or maintained by ‘real’ vampires, and the staggering amount of disinformation found therein. In response to some of the more outlandish posts, I wrote a rebuttal which I have revised and re-posted on various other boards, in the hope that it might at least be of use in … Continue reading

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