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Sanguinarius accepts tips and donations. If you have found helpful, please consider making a donation, even if it’s just a few dollars. Below the donation panel, you’ll find a few FAQs to answer questions you might have. Current Needs Hosting for is $225 annually, inclusive. Monthly internet connection costs about $50. Plus an indeterminate amount for phone line, electricity used, paper, ink cartridges, registering necessary software/scripts, and other sundry site- and community-related expenses … Continue reading

Help! Save!

Can you help spread the word that I need help saving   I need to raise USD $150 for yearly hosting by the end of January. — Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  The time (not to mention bills and life) just snuck up on me before I’d managed to save anything toward hosting costs. The link is

The Surprises Awakening Brings (for ‘blood vamps’)

By Sari This is a stage all blood vamps go through (and I’m pretty sure psi-vamps do, too), and it’s sorta like puberty — except that you have blood desires, not sex desires. When I recently went through my awakening, I discovered it was HELL. Insomnia, being unable to be in light without pain or discomfort, and the constant desire to suck your friends’ blood were just a few of the things that changed. I … Continue reading

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