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Who Do You Think You Are?

By Deacon Gray (GYP)— With two younger Houses at war, the internet in an uproar, the feud between The House of Ma`at and The House of Anunnaki spent months of debate, harsh words and even at times threats over a basic concept. The issue at hand at the time was one of the authority of position, in short it was all about power. Not many today remember those Houses, as both have since disbanded for … Continue reading

Sanguinarius Community Center (update Fuzzbutt)

A virtual community center in a virtual world. This might very well be what would be like if it physically existed as an actual place. It houses a library with articles in the bookshelves, a conversation area, some fun games, a spooky graveyard outside (complete with crypt and fog) and much more. We even have a virtual cat, Fuzzbutt (and his pet mouse, Mr. Squeaky)! We host regular weekly chats. Join our group in-world … Continue reading

Ethical Principles for the Vampire Community

By Sylvere ap Leanan, based on input from members of the vampire community (Intro by Michelle Belanger) This document was written in response to feedback and input from a number of community leaders involved in a networking group called the GVN, or Global Vampire Network. Although the GVN eventually ceased to be an active group, the principles covered in this document remain relevant to the community at large. We recognize the intrinsic value of everyone, … Continue reading

Our Paths and Our Community

By GabrielX I’d like to share my interpretation of what the path means. Be forewarned though, it is not my intention to paint a fantasy community of goodness, well being, and kindness towards one another. That would be a lie. My intention is to show those entering into the various communities the realities that they will face. If they have a better understanding of how things play out, they can prepare accordingly. Knowing why things … Continue reading

Entering the Community Properly

By Jarryd (Originally posted to the Vampiric Community Message Board on 11 July, 2004.) Too many times I’ve seen people make introduction posts on message boards, enter chatrooms and ask questions through emails in the worst way possible to start off a “relationship” with the online community. And most of the time this is done by newbie vamps or people questioning their vampirism. So I’ve decided to write this little guide for all you people, … Continue reading

Leaders, Founders, Unity, Affiliations & Order

By Sanguinarius, et al (This article was originally published on 7th August, 2002, but has been revised with new material added on 16 May, 2003.) A notable community member (wishing to remain anonymous) wrote: I would just like to give my opinion about “leaders and founders” in this community and order, unity, etc. The vampire community network is about communication, debate…and I’m not going to avoid tough subjects; you may disagree, but here is my … Continue reading

‘The Black Veil’, v. 2 (a.k.a. ‘The Thirteen Rules of the Community’) Plus Information

By Michelle Belanger (Additional info by Sanguinarius) “The Black Veil” (v. 2), also known as the “13 Rules of the Community”, was composed by Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu, Father Sebastiaan van Houten of House Sahjaza, and COVICA in 2000 as a voluntary standard of common sense, etiquette and ideals for the Sanguinarium and the greater vampyre/vampire community. This is not a text to instruct someone on how to be a vampire, but rather a … Continue reading

Getting It Together

By Sanguinarius United we stand and divided we fall As we are now, we have no strength at all And the people involved are dismissed out of hand Ignored and laughed at by the rest of the land That’s how it is and will continue to be Unless other people take us seriously So stop your squabbling and do work together And with patience and will, your cause you will further We have the same … Continue reading

The Vampire Community

By Anonymous (formerly published elsewhere) Due to the latest incidents [1998] I feel obliged to make a semi-official statement about the so-called and often-quoted vampire community which is known as the loose connection of like-minded sites occupied with the phenomenon of real vampirism. The whole thing started when the first sites came into being. First sites that I remember to deal with vampirism in a factual manner or attempting such were Sanguinarius’ Vampire Support page … Continue reading

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