Handbook: Safe Bloodletting & Feeding

Newer items will be marked with  and will not necessarily appear at the top of the page. Page last updated: 28 October, 2014. [Editor’s Note: Due to the transitory nature of the Internet, links may have been updated or changed from their original text when they were posted, but effort has been made to link to the same or a similar product or information.] Remember this: Those you take from are people, men and women, … Continue reading

Overview of Selected Bloodborne Diseases

By SphynxCat UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS When dealing with blood or other body fluids, there are typical precautions against unwanted and unintentional contact that all medical staff follow. Even if you are not in a medical career yourself, learning these precautions will be useful for situations when you don’t want to run the risk of disease transmission. These include: 1) Protective barriers – gloves, face masks, gowns, goggles, etc. If you are allergic to latex, there are … Continue reading


By Lady of Webs (Reprinted with permission from Les Vampires.) [Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is purely the opinion of the author. This site disclaims all responsibility for reliability or veracity of its content. Should you choose to undertake Any of these practices discussed here you do so entirely at your own risk. Neither the author nor editors advocate any of these practices nor guarantee their safety nor do … Continue reading

Vampyres and Donors: A Symbiotic Relationship

By Lady CG Finding and Choosing a Donor Most donors seem to prefer to choose their vampyres as opposed to a vampyre finding THEM. The problem is that we vampyres are often a bit too secretive for our own good, when it comes to finding our meals. If a donor cannot SEE you and KNOW that you are a vampyre, chances are they can and will never approach you and offer. Want a donor? Be … Continue reading

Tips for Finding a Donor

By Magi Vamp I see it all the time in chat rooms and on message boards… People saying, “I can’t find a donor”, or “I can’t get blood.” When in all actuality if you know what you are doing, and if you are patient and take your time it’s quite an easy process. The process I’m going to explain in this article is one that I use and have found to work through experience. When … Continue reading

Vampire-to-Donor Disease Risks

(This exchange was originally posted to the wretched Yahoo! Group on the 29th and 30th of January, 2005.) Message #9290, from Diaboluslupus: A lot of vampire sites seem to focus on the risks of donor-to-vampire diesase transmission, but very little (if anything) seems to be have been written or considered at the risks to a donor from direct cut-to-mouth feeding. I’ve made some inquires about this, and although most STD do NOT pass easily thru … Continue reading

Sanguinary Safety

By Sarah Dorrance No matter what you do, there are certain things about yourself that you simply cannot change. Mortality is one of them. Nothing will make you immortal, or invulnerable. If you are in an alternative lifestyle that comes into frequent contact with other people’s blood (e.g. vampirism, extreme BDSM, blood fetishism) then it would behoove you to remember this fact. You can die. At some point in your life, you will die. Moving … Continue reading

Fighting Misinformation

By Ravena The amount of misinformation surrounding vampires is startling. However, when it comes from someone claiming to be in our community, it becomes very disturbing. Out of sheer curiosity, I was surfing the MSN chat room scene when I came upon a Vampire room, which shall remain nameless. Shortly after my arrival, I was given a link to the community associated with the room. On the introduction page I was horrified to read that … Continue reading

Vampyres: Blood Safety and Feeding

(The “How to Feed Properly” Post) [Sanguinarius Note: The following article is not intended for children, those who are closed-minded or who are easily offended. If you are one of these, please press your BACK button now. I don’t wish to corrupt or offend you. And if you’re a kid who has got this far, that means that you lied when you clicked OK on my little precautionary popup screen. — SCRAM! I don’t want … Continue reading

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