More Materials Added

I’m folding the Parents’ Section into the rest of I don’t have enough material to create subsection(s) for parents, and I have already folded the teens/newly awakened vampires section into the site (better overall organization of information, hopefully). However, I’m not giving up on either teen or parent. In fact… I am seeking input from parents with experience dealing with vampires/vampirism, vampire parenting, etc. If you have any articles, tips, advice, or anything else … Continue reading

Progress Continues

I’ve just been doing miscellaneous stuff today, mostly searching for and testing just the right plugins and widgets I need or want to use and the arrangement and appearance of my site elements.  I’ve got the infrastructure for Problems Vampires Have in place and ready to just drop in the text once I’m finished reviewing and editing it.  Also, added a Links widget to my site footer with 5 links from each of the categories.  … Continue reading

Continuing to Transfer Articles

I am continuing to transfer articles from the old Sanguinarius to the New, and have so far completed adding through Social Matters.  I’ve still got quite a few articles to go, but I’m slowly getting there.  Next section to tackle: Vampyric Lifestyle and CUlture.  Then Otherkin and Therian, Other Stuff, Chat & Discussion Logs, and Other Sites’ Articles Archives — and then I’m finished! I also added a Mibbit Chat plugin to connect with Channel … Continue reading

2 New Articles Sections filled

I have gotten as far as filling the sections full of my old site’s articles for: Vampires & Health, Medical & Psycho-Emotional Matters Vampires & Psi Energy Matters Now you can go and read through them, as usual, they are archived by category and date.  And now, I can relax and take the rest of the evening off, having completed my appointed task early.  *short pause* Welp, time to go to bed. ;> Tomorrow, I … Continue reading

Sanguinarius 5.0 Moves to Main Site

I just finished moving and updating Sanguinarius 5.0 to the main public html (www) webspace with some much appreciated help and guidance from Jarandhel Dreamsinger.  This site is by no means complete, but testing is done, and the infrastructure is basically all set into place now, and I can begin transferring information from the old (4.0) website to this new WordPress CMS (this site). The old site that you’re probably used to, is still available … Continue reading

Slowly making progress again

I am now caught back up to where I was before I had to back up practically to the beginning and rethink/redo things.  Actually, that’s happened several times, already.  🙂  I am not on strike (that lasted approximate 2-3 days at most), and I am proceeding to develop Sanguinarius 5.0 at the same mad vampire pace and zeal that I had when I built the previous 4 versions of Sanguinarius.  (Which numbered world are we … Continue reading

Sangi on strike until further notice

I’m not doing any work on anything so long as 1.) I’m hot and/or miserable; 2.) I have trouble breathing; and/or, 3.) I haven’t had enough sleep or good quality sleep. Period. That’s all there is too it. That includes any web-researching necessary for any projects I’m working on, i.e., this. Sowwy. Nothing I can do about it, so I’m on strike til the Universe decides to support me a little bit better than it … Continue reading

Sanguinarius 5.0 Update

Development of Sanguinarius 5.0 has stalled, hopefully temporarily. I am waiting on the ability to use certain plugins needed to develop the infrastructure of Sanguinarius 5.0. If I can’t find the necessary plugins, or contact the authors to find out how much it would be to code them (if they even would), I may have to abort Sanguinarius 5.0 or at least put development on hiatus. I’m not going to sacrifice any important information ON … Continue reading

One-Stop Vampire Shop

[2014-04-25] One-Stop Vampire Shop — Anything Vampire you ever wanted but were afraid to ask for: Vampire T-Shirts, Mousepads, Posters & Prints, Mousepads, Magnets, Photo Sculpture, Mugs, Embroidered Items, — Even Skateboards, and MUCH MORE! Come browse through our store — it doesn’t cost anything to look and the air conditioning is free. 😉

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