On ‘Vampiric Rape’ and Prey, Part 2

By Lauren

Let’s discuss prey and the connotations of such, as well as discuss the “Food Chain” and “The Circle of Life”.



An animal hunted or caught for food; quarry.
One that is defenseless, especially in the face of attack; a victim.
The act or practice of preying.
preyed , prey·ing , preys
To hunt, catch, or eat as prey: Owls prey on mice.
To victimize or make a profit at someone else’s expense.
To plunder or pillage.
To exert a baneful or injurious effect: Remorse preyed on his mind.

Nature provides for itself, it’s true. We have given a name to this ability of nature to provide. We love to give everything a name. We call it “The Circle of Life”. Within the Circle of Life, everything feeds off of, or benefits in some means from, all other living organisms. However, because nature provides this freely and at quantities limited only by the existing numbers of said organisms, there have to be some “safeguards”, and there are. This brings into existence the hierarchy we call the Food Chain. This states that there are animals that are higher on the chain that have the ability, strength, size, or agility to take benefit or sustenance from other, smaller, weaker, or less able to resist, members of the food chain.

Consider, if you will, a large cat. That cat is allowed by nature to hunt, stalk, ambush, and kill any other animal which is a staple of its diet. There is no daily limit to the number it may consume. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. This, without safeguards, would mean the possible extinction of those animals. If that should happen, then that species of cat, without any remaining food source, would be in danger of extinction. The loss of the cat species would further jeopardize other members of the food chain. And on and on, until each member of the food chain would be threatened.

Nature, as I alluded, placed safeguards to inhibit this from occurring. Each of the prey animals are fitted with their own protections. Be they evasive, resistant, camouflaged, deceptive, etc.; these animals are given these attributes to fight back, or escape capture and consumption. Moreover, some of the prey lives in places that other animals higher on the food chain than the hunter lives. While searching for prey, the hunter must beware that he may also now be the hunted. This safeguard determines that the hunter does not always win, that at times, the hunter sometimes becomes the hunted, and the balancing of nature continues.

Nature, while we often believe otherwise, was also designed to avoid suffering as much as possible. Nature did not intend to be cruel or leave lasting scars, or damage to the remaining or surviving prey. Because of this, most animals are not given the full range of emotional and mental acuity that was given to humans. This is because animal (carnivorous animals, at least) were meant to feed on one another. They were equipped with only what they need to survive, and to thrive. Emotions and analytical abilities such as vengeance, entitlement, pride, and individuality, are not part of the wild animal community in the degree they are in humans. Though it is a matter of contention among experts, it is believed by some that animals do not suffer the degree of depression and mental defect caused by traumatic events as do humans. Let me say right here, I am not only talking of the prey; the predator who has the tables turned on him/her may also suffer these adverse effects were it not for nature’s design and protection.

A vampire who sees another human as prey is dealing with a target with the same abilities, agility, thought capabilities, strategic abilities, size, power, strength, deviousness, will to prevail, and determination in reaching their goal, as the vampire. This greatly limits the vampire and places both him and the prey in seriously imminent danger. The advantage usually permitted to the predator is stripped away, and the predator faces, an equally dangerous foe. Add to this that the prey is pissed off, has dangerous and unpredictable possibilities up their “sleeve” AND the prey does not like you! This prey item also has the ability to love, and be loved by others of its species. They are often deceptive as they may appear to be solitary creatures, but rest assured, your prey item is a pack animal. Its pack mates may be nowhere in sight, but once you have harmed him/her, those pack mates will show up in droves. THIS prey item has other whole organizations of ones just like it who will hunt you down, restrain you, judge you and punish you for harming this prey item. These organizations do not even need to know this prey item existed before the attack, they simply have the attitude that since you did it to that one, you did it to “one of their own” and they will retaliate and, again, the hunter becomes the hunted.

(This may be a good time to reconsider your options. Nature itself is suggesting by leveling the playing field that this was not desirable.)

What may not be understood by those who advocate this behavior is that while the perpetrator of this atrocity against nature is the exception to the rule; society will judge all of us by the example you have shown. This threatens all of us, and furthers our battle to be accepted, not feared, understood and seen as a non-threatening organism. By your act, you help condemn our entire community.

Humans, it is true, are considered a member of the animal family. Yet, humans were given abilities no other animal is given. We have the ability to think, to reason, to determine what an event means, to remember events much longer than most animals do. We are also able to grow and produce our own food and inventions that make our lives easier and safer. There are those who may be saying we cannot grow or produce blood. This is a true statement, but we do have the intelligence and have learned that there are substitutes for the blood we crave and may be used until a suitable donor may be found. These substitutes are posted all over the internet and are available to any vampire who wishes to find them. There are other vampires who are more than overjoyed to share which substitutes have helped them. They, most often, are not as satisfying, nor do they last as long as the preferred food source, but they work, without harm to the vampire or other humans.

We, as humans, are an intelligent species; more so than any other species in nature. It is time we act like it.

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