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Remember this: Those you take from are people, men and women, human beings. And so are you, for that matter, despite whatever else you would like to think, or have been told. You are not better than they are, just different. “Humans” are not to be viewed as cattle or to be ruled over by those who are vampires.

Psychic Vampires

by Black Raven, Child of the Millenia…

Psychic Vampires or psy-vampires are a “breed” of vampires that don’t need blood in order to survive. They mentally drain their victims (or willing partner’s) life force. Everything in the world is made up of this life force. Modern scientists have just labeled it Bio-physical Energy. Psy-vamps either don’t have enough of this energy or they crave more. This is why they take it from others. By using their astral bodies, psy-vamps can travel to another person and “suck” the energy out of that person. Some people with psychic abilities can see the energy being transferred. Some even see a “chain” or “cord” connecting the vampire to the victim. Other psy-vamps can drain energy through touching, breathing a person’s scent, and even from objects that person has been in contact with.

The question might now be asked, “Can the energy be taken from other sources?” To answer this quickly, yes. But, the “quality” of the energy is less then that of a normal human’s. Human blood is a river of energy. Blood-drinking vampires crave the energy in the blood, whether they know it or not. Many psy-vamps have a craving for blood. I, for one, have this craving. Although I wouldn’t label myself a blood-drinking vampire, I do have the craving for it. It is the energy that flows through it that I crave, though.

One of the dangers of draining a person’s life energy is that if too much is taken, a person will become sick, depressed, or even die. Most psy-vamps have learned how much energy to take and whom to take it from. But, many don’t know this, or even know how to control it. These are potentially dangerous people.

Info On PsyVamps

from LadyChrys

Basically on feeding, we do not have to bite; we can be in a crowd and feed off the person, some people with high clairvoyance can see these purple like tentacles around the psyvamp spreading out toward the person or group of people the psyvamp happens to be feeding off of. Energy feeding and hunger is alot like blood craving; psyvamps also crave blood, — and I happen to be both Blood and Psy, so I crave it big time.

Basically anything with a “Lifeforce” we can feed from. I have fed from other psyvamps, mortals, animals, storms, I know it sounds weird but the power and energy in a thunderstorm can get you really high on energy.

I tend to lean more to the blood side but every once in a while I take energy. I get this parched feeling, like cracked, dry earth feels in a summer heat wave, and I can not describe how I do feed, — it’s basically instinct, and I reach out with my mind, and I begin to feel a drawing feeling around in my third eye, and sometimes my stomach feels like something is merging with me… Yeah it sounds weird but it’s even weirder to experience and can be quite scary when you’re being fed off of when no one’s around you, and you’re by yourself it feels like someone’s trying to pull your soul out of your body… If you ever have panic attacks, this feels like a panic attack to me magnified by 1000.

Blood Vamps don’t see Psyvamps as complete vampyres, and there’s a truth side to that. They are somewhere classified between witch and a vampire, I figure; but they aren’t completely mortal, as they are hunters and feed just as ruthlessly as blood vamps can, and it’s quite interesting to be both Psyvamp and Blood Vamp. I was born naturally a PsyVamp and begin using my powers about 3, and then I was embraced or turned at 19 fully. smile Of course, I didn’t know anything about psyvampirism until I was 19 also but then I looked back at my childhood and it sunk in…no pun intended. L

The Term “Psi-Vampire”

from Aneria Romana

“Psychic vampire” is a very common misnomer for “psi-vampire”. Many people, — even the psi-vampires themselves, — often do not make or even realize the distinction between the two terms. Technically speaking, “A psychic vampire is a vampire who is psychic while a psi-vampire is a vampire who feeds on energy, preferably emotional energy.”

From The Mystica, an on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more, you will find this:


A designation for both extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK) as proposed in 1946 by the British psychologists Drs. Robert Thouless and W. P. Weisner. The reasons for their proposal were that “psi” is the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet commonly used in parapsychology to include both phenomena of ESP and PK because both are closely related. However, since that time the term often has been inaccurately used to include almost any paranormal experience or phenomenon.


The GSR and plethysmograph are used to detect emotional arousal. Their use in psi tests indicate when the subject is confronted with emotionally charged targets as opposed emotionally neutral targets. Autonomic activity increases when information that is emotionally charged for the percipient appears to be conveyed psychically.

Studies with ganzfeld stimulation show that an alpha state of brain-wave appears to be conductive to psi. Psi performance improves with a positive mood and expectation is provided by the experimenter in a friendly atmosphere. Psi decreases when the experimenter sets up conditions for anxiety, a negative mood, expectation, boredom, and a hostile environment. A.G.H.

As you see, the two words may look similar but have different meanings.

(Visit Aneria Romana’s Psi-Vampire Page: What’s in a Name (archived), to learn more.)

A Few Observations on Psi-Vamping

from Merciful Providence

There really doesn’t seem to be application of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Feeding seems to increase the energy level of both the person who is consciously feeding and the “source.” I suspect that this is because, being a more volatile commodity than blood, the simple will to feed ATTRACTS chi/ka/essence.

Also, one can will to feed the OTHER — “push” rather than “pull” energy — and if the other doesn’t block, it flows smoothly without a corresponding (although sometimes with a nominal) reduction of the originating vamp’s essence.

I often wonder if blood-vamps distrust psi-vamps because it’s a qualitative, rather than a quantitative state. You either ARE or AREN’T a blood-vamp, but psi-vamping is a capacity that nearly everyone possesses to some degree; and the only difference is whether, how often, to what degree, and (perhaps most importantly) how consciously one exercises it.

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I’m the founder/creator/page slave of Sanguinarius.org. I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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