I’m doing a little research. I ask that only self-identified vampires answer the following. Answer truthfully and to the best of your ability. Please do not take this poll more than once! Also, I’d appreciate it if you would spread the word to other real vampires about this research. Thanks in advance!

— Sanguinarius

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  1. AnaMassien76 says:

    I have a similar question on my wraithlycommunal poll on wordpress, I find it interesting when people vote, their not that advanced in teir vampirism. Allot of our people or “people” are walking around really hungry, vampire wise or “not”.

  2. hmtvcanada says:

    Curious a self discovery question what do you label someone born with a caul at birth. The myth behind birthing cauls is that they prevent the one who was born with it from drowning and that those born with this are given psi gift. Self discovery allows the one in question to see glimpses of the future. Another buring question related to this wondering why one born with a caul can procreate children to have natural vampire teeth. Hope to get some insight.

  3. AnaMassien76 says:

    @Hmtvcanada well as I study vampirology from a vampire pov, I can tell you that “Cauls” are not born on vampires. I have had a child, and she didn’t have a caul, but could drain energy from the father, because he reported her making him very tired. (at nine months)

    Cauls would be born on varolaci or harolaci (gypsy) people who have had sex or drank blood from an actual vampire, it would be born on their children over the eyes, and the vampire blood from before, would aid the child with some sight, but not to much. Caul is a membrane material from the womb, it would be present in premature children not children brought to full term in the womb. It is not a magickal substance. It could be the father’s way (as semen dictates what the fetus will be and guides it along as well) to end the child’s life in the womb if the vampire was powerful enough or the mother’s if the mother was the vampire. However it mostly is a sign to say a vampiric person and a gypsy personage has conceived a child. The caul means nothing really other than not a clean birth line been inniated.

    • AnaMassien76 says:

      Powerful=magickally abled.

      Not trying to be racist with the gypsy and vampire lineage but many vampire tribes found it unclean for their people (strigoi, even the strigul) did not like unclean unions, and it is mostly strigiu, who prefer unclean unions. Being in an unclean union resulted in mutant babies, diseases, sicknesses in the children and problems later on in life, emotional, as well as sexual. Most of these children barely reached their 15th year.

      The strigoi men at age 12 and the strigoi women of tribes at 12 would be pre selected to be with one another and be protective of one another until age 15, if it was a good union they would continue and he would claim her and age 16 she would claim him and by age 18 would go serve on their local court/state/senate etc contining their hand maidening traditions.

      This was done to keep the women safe as well as protect their culture, due to highway men and cut throats who would rape an unprotected strigoi woman if they thought they could. Most cut throats were always Gypsy, Hypsy, or Stypsy. (different tribes of graiophic people)

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