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Statements of Purpose

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To establish and maintain a national/worldwide communication, information, and support network for all blood-drinkers, psi/energy vampires, and Vampyre lifestylers;

To increase communication and understanding among and concerning blood-drinkers, psi/energy vampires, and Vampyre lifestylers; as well as to work toward unification into a cohesive culture;

Within the larger vampiric community, to create a community of blood-needers and other kinds of blood-drinkers; to provide education on technique and safety; and to increase communication and understanding among the different kinds of blood-drinkers;

To build, strengthen, and defend individuals, organizations, and publications within the greater vampiric community, especially against discrimination, and threats to their personal safety and welfare, peace of mind, freedom of expression, freedom to practice, right to free association, right to exist peacefully, and right to equal protection and treatment under the Law;

To develop outreach and a system of support for those estranged from the vampiric community;

To guide and influence in a positive manner those who are or may be vampires, and to influence people away from entertaining false hopes and ideas in what it is like to be a vampire, so that they do not desire to become one, based on these false notions;

To facilitate the destruction of stereotypes, misconceptions, and media misrepresentations; and to provide, through strategic dissemination of information, publications, et cetera, a foundation for the acceptance and tolerance of blood-drinkers, psi/energy vampires, and Vampyre lifestylers;

To support, encourage, and aid individuals and organizations in their desires or efforts to disseminate factual information (and combat misinformation and misconceptions), provide resources, gather data/conduct research beneficial and relevant to the vampiric community;

To establish and maintain a standard and acceptable code of ethics and conduct within the community; and to regulate the reasonable enforcement of this code, when necessary.


  • Current revision adopted Thursday, 11 April, A.D. 2002.
  • For more about the meaning of the terms used herein, see Terminology.
  • These are not intended to establish dogma.
  • There has been some concern expressed over (9/9). This "code of ethics and conduct" should be decided upon as a matter of common consensus of what is acceptable and what is not. As for the "reasonable enforcement" part, this is not to suggest that a vampire police force be set up! It merely is a provision to allow some sort of recourse to be taken in extreme circumstances if/when any individual/s should decide to conduct themselves in an unconscionable and uncontrollable manner; that they should be accountable for their actions.
  • For my recommendation for the above mentioned code of ethics and conduct, see "The Black Veil", which I feel is a reasonable and fair code of conduct for the vampiric community.

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Eerie America TV Series

Eerie America could very well be called The Fodor’s Travel Guidebook for The Addams Family. I read some in-depth information about the show and saw the promo, and from what I can tell, this will be an absolutely AWESOME series if they can get it off the ground. (I'm actually praying they will.) Let others know and see who can help. This is something that should happen! Let's pull together and make it so!

New Orleans Vampire Association

NOVA is a State Recognized Non-Profit Organization geared toward helping the homeless in the New Orleans area and working towards its greater goals, including a homeless shelter in the Greater New Orleans area.

If you would like to donate money, food, or supplies toward the cause, please click here for more info or to donate.


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