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Welcome to The Real Vampire Directory, a searchable directory of all manner of real vampire sites, services, information and products for blood drinkers, psychic vampires and Vampyre lifestylers. Help build the largest vampire-edited directory of the web! -- Feel free to add your own link, browse around, or rate a page! We encourage our visitors to rate pages, as it lets others know how well you like them! . To see the most current news, refresh or reload the frame below.

Real Vampire Directory News


Blood (27)
Sites relating to blood, bloodplay, blood fetish, health concerns, etc.
Communities (174) new
Sites relating to the vampiric community: history and info, mailing lists, message boards, organizations, home pages, donors, personals and classifieds, etc.
Community History and Information (10)
History, articles and information pertaining to the vampiric community.
Donor Sites and Information (6)
Sites for and about donors, partners in a bloodsharing relationship.
Folkloric and Historical Vampires (16)
Sites dealing with in-depth information about vampires in folklore, legend and history.
Miscellaneous (37)
Miscellaneous sites, chats, psychic techniques, questionnaires & surveys, vamp humor, other vampiric, dark or gothic search engines & directories, and more.
Music and Entertainment (80)
Vampire/vampyre, Gothic, Darkwave & Industrial bands, musicians, record labels, niteclubs, activities, and so forth.
Non English and Bilingual Sites (10)
Non-English websites about real vampires and vampirism. Websites no inglés acerca de vampiros y vampirism verdaderos. Non-anglais websites de vrai vampires et vampirism. Nieangielski (jezyk angielski) websites o prawdziwych wampirach i wampiryzmie. Il websites non-inglese del vampires reale ed il vampirism. Nicht-englisch websites ungefähr wirklich vampires und vampirism. Websites não-inglês sobre vampiros reais e vampirism.
Otherkin Sites and Resources (19) new
Sites and resources primarily for otherkin; sites dealing with fae, witches, therians / were-creatures, dragons, catkin, elves, angelics, demonics, and others.
Personal Home Pages (73)
Personal home pages of vampires.
Personals and Classifieds (10)
Vampire and gothic personals and classified listings.
Products and Services (142) new
Vampiric, dark, Gothic, and spooky products and services. Fangs, claws, contacts, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and much, much more!
Psychic Development (10)
Sites with information, techniques, and other stuff that may be useful to psychic vampires, such as general shielding or development techniques.
Real Vampire (136)
Real vampire sites, information, etc.: sanguinarian / blood vamps, psychic vamps, research sites, articles, etc.
Regional Groups (180) new
***UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** A listing of the state and regional real vampire/otherkin related e-groups, email lists and online/offline communities, clubs, Houses, and various other organizations in the USA and other countries. This listing should make it easier for you to find a group focussing on your state, region or general locale. None of these groups are for roleplaying, and most do not allow it, but a few might, though it will not by any means be their main focus.
Searches and Directories (9)
Search engines and directories with a vampiric, dark, gothic, horror, occult, pagan, esoteric, or paranormal theme.
Site Promotion (16)
Vampiric, gothic, dark, horror, pagan, occult & paranormal site promotion: topsites, banner exchanges, FFA pages, web rings, etc.
Vamp Humor and Fun (17)
Sites specializing in vampire humor: comics, jokes, and fang -- er, tongue-in-cheek humor, and other fun stuff.
Vampire Chats (5)
Chat with real vampires, chat about vampirism, vampire chat rooms and IRC channels.
Vampiric Pathways (17)
Pathways to vampiric spiritual development and vampiric spirituality; various spiritual pathways for vampires.
Vampiric Resources (19)
Various web resources for vampires and vampire-related sites: banner exchange programs, searches / directories, web space / email, etc.
Vampyre Lifestyle (11)
Sites on the Vampyre lifestyle and culture, products and services, info, nightclubs / bars / scene, activities, etc.
Web Space and Email (7)
Providers of vampiric, dark, or Gothic web hosting and/or email.

There are 1031 links for you to choose from!

Looking for something in particular?
More search options

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