While the bulk, if not all, of Sanguinarius is in English, I still desire to reach as many self-identified real vampires and vampyres (and otherkin/therians) as I can in multiple countries and languages.  While online translation tools such as Google Translate do a basic job of translating a page, they tend to fall short simply because they are machine translators. Unfortunately, I only speak one language, and that is English.

To that end, I have traditionally authorized those who wished to mirror certain translated articles and pages on their own foreign-language websites (with proper credit and a link back). Sanguinarius will continue to do so for the benefit of vampires and otherkin who don’t speak English.

If you would like to translate articles or other information into your own language, it is my pleasure to authorize you to do so.  I have a few caveats and things you need to bear in mind:

  • Remember to give proper credit to the original author (this is a given!).
  • Please include “Translated by [your name] and reprinted on [your website or blog] with the authorization [or permission] of” and a link back.
  • Some of the words, phrases and concepts in an article or other information may not have an equivalent in your language. In this case, you will need to either choose to use the original English word, or invent/coin a word or phrase in your own language; choose wisely, for whatever you decide may very well be the word or phrase that passes into general use in your language.
  • Drop me a line to let me know that you are translating/mirroring things on your website or blog.  I like to run across information on sites in other languages and enjoy checking them out (and sometimes linking to them), even if I do only have use of a machine translator.
  • Talk to me and let me know what your community is like (or are you building one from scratch?); what the social/political situation is in your country; what your aims and goals are; and so forth.

Do you have any articles in (or translated from) your language that you’d like to mirror? If you contribute any, I will give you proper credit and a link back to your site.


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