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To Those Suffering from Lack of Energy, Whether It’s Being Stolen or Leaking Away, Or Just Not Coming In…

from Sunny

My suggestions, don’t automatically assume someone is taking energy. If you leak energy, someone around you may absorb it, this isn’t stealing. To find out if you’re leaking energy, you need to find some way to isolate yourself, in a circle, in a containment field, anything that is impervious to energy manipulations. If the air itself becomes charged with energy, you’re leaking. If the leak isn’t “plugged” for lack of a better word, you’ll die, eventually, just like if you were starving yourself. I don’t know how to fix this problem generally speaking. You have to look inside yourself, or get a healer you trust to look, and see what’s wrong. Guys, don’t fool with this, loosing energy is no laughing matter!

As a temporary solution, eat sugar. Fructose is best, cause it’s natural (from fruits and such) but sucrose works as well (plain table-sugar) your body will let you know if this would work, how much, and when… Candy isn’t good, and anything with preservatives should be avoided like the plague when you are leaking energy. In fact, the more natural-foods you eat the better, the more junk in your food the more poisoned your energy will be, and the less useful it will be to your body, and the more you need to survive.

Low Energy

from Vampy2004

When I was a newly awakened vampire, I had no clue how to regulate my energy and learned what being in low energy felt like. For me, low energy feels as though I am coming down with the ‘flu and it is an effort to even walk across the floor. When the body has gone into low energy, it is a trauma to the system; so rest is important. If you are in low energy, try to take in energy to help you feel not so awful, and conserve it! After a bout of low energy; do not expend more energy than you have for at least 24 hours. I discovered that if I was using more energy than I had, I felt a tugging feeling in the backs of my legs and knew to cool it or run the risk of falling into low energy once again. Each body is different; so learn to recognize the warning sign of using too much energy. Looking back at my childhood; I now understand why I felt so awful whenever I was ill. On top of dealing with the illness, I was also in low energy.


Within our bodies, there are energy centers that are called chakras. The chakras swirl clockwise; but if they are blocked by such things as stress, pain, or illness, the person can feel lousy. I am going to tell you the name and location of the seven main chakras.

  1. The first chakra is located in the tip of the spine and is called the root chakra. This chakra controls the lower extremities and due to pain from a horrific car accident; I transfer energy to this chakra whenever possible.
  2. The second chakra is located in the loin area and controls the sexual organs. So, perhaps putting some energy in this chakra may bring pleasure to your partner.
  3. The third chakra is located in the abdominal region and is called the solar plexus. This chakra is responsible for concentration and is also a common storage area for energy. Whenever I am performing energy work, I get a gnawing feeling in this chakra; so I know I am doing it correctly.
  4. The fourth chakra is located in the heart region and is also a common storage area for energy.
  5. The fifth chakra is located in the throat region and if I am having trouble swallowing, I have found relief by sending energy to this chakra.
  6. The sixth chakra is located between the eyebrows, slightly above them and is called the third eye. This chakra is where auras are envisioned , e.g.
  7. The seventh chakra is located on top of the head and is called the crown chakra. If you get energy from water, stand under a running shower and let the water hit the crown chakra and enjoy the energy.

In order to keep the chakras swirling properly, grounding your energy whenever you feel lousy may unblock the chakras. I must warn you that when you ground your energy, a popping feeling may be felt as a blockage is being removed.

Our bodies are like engines and, as carbon can block an automobile and make it run roughly, blockages in the chakras can have the same effect.

[Sangi Note: Here is more information on the Chakras: 7 Chakras for Beginners.]



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About Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius

I’m the founder/creator/page slave of Sanguinarius.org. I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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