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This section has problems pertaining to dealing with “everyday” (everynight?) things for vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.  If you have a unique or unusual vampire-related problem or situation you’d like me to consider adding to the Problems Vampires Have section, send it in here.


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Everybody here knows the main issues, like bloodlusting, sunlight, etc., but I’m going to share a little of my own special experiences. My friends like to call me “Vamp” because I always wear black and sunglasses, I never sleep, and I’m so pale that you can trace just about every single vein on my skin. Every single time they call me Vamp, I just laugh, because they never know how right they are. Only one of my closest buddies knows about me, because she’s a vamp, too.

Another thing is that a couple guys say vamps should be killed because they are parasites or something stupid like that. They know I’m very gothic and I’m always reading morbid vampire books, so they do it just to piss me off. After a long while, I’ve just come to ignore it.

But one of the main things is that I’m really active in sports and all. I’m constantly getting little cuts here and there, so I have to wear long sleeve shirts because I’ve been suppressing my need for blood lately, and if I see any, then I think about it, and I desperately crave it.

Contributed by Evil_Goth

I awakened not too long ago and I had no idea of the real vampires and such; only about the Hollywood vampires. Unfortunately for me I had no idea I was awakening. All I know is that one morning I had a VERY hard time getting up, I was late for school since no one was home at the time (at least no one tried waking me up and thought I was dead as in some other cases.) That was the first thing that had happened to me.

As I went on with my life about a week later I started to get a big craving for blood and thought I was just going crazy. There is this one water fountain in my school that no one drank from because (I found out later) the water tasted like blood. The other kids and some teachers would stare at me when I was drinking from that fountain. The kids at school suspect me of being a vampire although I’m not sure if they actually know what I am; but they aren’t that very open-minded and only believe in the fictional type of vamp. What makes it worse is that no one would ever want to be a donor for me since I am still pretty young.

Since I sleep mostly during the day and am very sluggish (not to mention I can barely stay awake and tend to not pay attention in class due to my drowsiness), my grades are slipping and my mom is giving all these “you aren’t going to get into college” speeches, and I definitely do not want to say that I am a vampire for she would think I was crazy, give me an evil look, and yell at me more. And since I live in Hawaii there’s all my friends trying to drag me to the beach with them. Yikes! What a nightmare that would be.

One more thing before I say bye…kids at my school annoy me so much with their stupid vampire jokes they tell when they think I’m not listening to them.

Contributed by Kamalei666

When I was first awakened I didn’t think at all. First thing I did was run and tell my girl-friend (now ex-girlfriend), which made her start to think she was a vampire (or vampyre or whatever you like to call it), and she wouldn’t stop bothering me about it. She hunted me down, and when I told her she’s not a vamp, well, she lost it. She threatened to tell EVERYONE I knew about it. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except at the time, I was going to this church that whenever something “satanic” or “evil” pops up, they go running for the pitchforks and torches. So I had to bribe her and string her along for nearly a year, until she moved. Until then, she insisted on my being her bloodsucking plaything and she wanted to bite ME! Normally, I don’t mind humoring a girl, or being bitten, but both together, in this scenario, were driving me insane! Not only that, she STILL thought she was sanguinarian, and that it was my blood that did it. I don’t know about you, but this was NOT a pleasant situation. Moral of the story: keep your mouths shut or you’ll be in the same boat as me.

Contributed by Lock in a White Room

For the past year almost, I have been telling myself that I’m crazy and there are no real vampyres and I’m just a violent kid. A few weeks ago my friend gave me the link to this site …she said it would help me with things. I had told her I had an unnatural want for blood…she had seen in class, when some boy cut his finger and it was bleeding, how I had to go to the other side of the room. Not because the blood creeped me out. The exact opposite, I wanted that blood and I had to stop myself from asking him if I could have some. I was afraid of myself….I wouldn’t let myself think about it. I refused to believe that I was anything but just a messed up child, that I was anything like a vampyre. People call me a vampyre, however…I’m naturally pale and almost all my teeth are sharp, I get sun headaches very easily. I began to cut myself, in part because I hated myself, in part because I wanted the blood. I felt that it was ok for me to drink from myself; if I could satisfy my odd thirst by myself, I could forget it. The scariest thing I can think of now however, isn’t being a vampyre, it’s a fear in the back of my mind that I’m crazy or a fake somehow, somehow fooling myself into thinking this.

Contributed by Anonymous

I’m 18 and in the throes of awakening. I felt like I was a vamp since kindergarten. I had red-tinted sunglasses because I was photosensitive, watched vamp shows (anyone remember The Little Vampire?). I believed I was one, though a TV/movie one (no one to tell me otherwise), and I’m generally hypersensitive (and always have been). I can’t tell my parents because the last time I was on this site, my dad found it in the history and took me to the child/adolescent health department at a local hospital. I can’t tell anyone because they’ll mock me; and I’m scared to tell my girlfriend (my first one, of about 5 weeks) because she might freak out and leave me. She knows that I’m goth, which is a good cover for now, but I’d love it if she could be my donor.

If there are any vamps in the Toronto area (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), please email me at ginshi13  (at) .

Contributed by Ginshi

My problem has everything to do with my type of vampirism and it is the reason for my lack of normal friends. By my type of vampire I mean I am no blood sucker, so to speak. My problem is of a psychic nature. I feed on pranic energy from others around me. By reading about some of the other vampires on this website I am noticeably different; but unfortunately not so different in that I do suffer most symptoms as you do. I could suck blood for the life energy I need but I choose not to as it is very hard to get away with in this era without being dragged off to a psychologist.

My pranic feeding makes it hard to find a social scene as I have always fed with and without my knowledge to most who are around me. This causes them to “feel” bad things about me or my “vibes”. Also, my hunger for life force is too overwhelming for most as I become very attention-seeking, emotional, bossy, and I cause confrontations. I do these things to make the energy flow faster. Cravings are very hard to deal with and because of this I have a very boring social life. Loneliness is my problem. I would like to get some advice from someone on how to deal with cravings effectively. If it’s possible, I’d also like a way that doesn’t involve eating all the food in the house. It would also be good to hear from others with the same problems as mine and a person who has a need for pranic energy like me.

Contributed by Kane

Hi. I’m going to get to the point: I’m HIV positive and I think I’m a psy-vamp. My doubt is: Do I harm people when I draw energy from them (intentionally or not, I can’t control it very well yet…), or vice-versa? What can I do to stop this? I’ve been feeling very nervous and insecure about this. I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with it. Can you help me? I’m afraid I might harm people’s health because of my disease. Of course blood drinking has been out of the question since I knew I had HIV…I miss that too.

Please, since this is a very touchy subject, I’m going to ask you not to reveal my name. I would like to find vamps with the same problem. Thank you for your time and discretion.

Contributed by “A.”

[Sanguinarius Note: I am looking for a forum or forums which are oriented towards vamps with AIDS/HIV and other diseases; if I don’t find any, I’ll probably create one on the Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board. Whatever the case, I’ll post an update here.]

I go to school in a relatively small town in the mountains of southern California — no more than 2000 people — so news spreads really fast, especially when my entire high school consists of no more than 500 people. I learned this much to my detriment after I finally cracked one day and told my sister (she’s not really my sister but I’ve known her since we were 6) in a lengthy and very graphic note during history class. Unfortunately, her shadow decided to tag along when we spent the rest of the day in the library talking, and hung around even after we both had summarily dismissed her. Anyways, she heard a few key words like bloodlust, thirst, desperate, etc. At lunch, less than two hours after she left the library pale and shaking, the entire school seemed to know (I kid you not!) and everyone was looking at me like I had painted myself in blood and was running up and down the quad naked. I walked halfway to the cafeteria and someone hissed ‘devil’ at me. Why this particular moron insisted on insulting me I do not know, since my wrath is legendary, but I spun on my heel and had to consciously restrain myself from beating the person into a bloody smear on the concrete. His face went white and he hasn’t even looked in my direction since. I forfeited lunch that day and spent the last two periods of hell sucking on the eight perfect crescents I had gouged into my palm.

Contributed by Keeper151

You think it’s hard being a vampire in high school? Try being 13 and a vampire! I mean you’re not old enough to get a donor because you’re too young for people to believe you! Right now my eyes are very sensitive; and since it’s summer we’ve been having gym outside! I had a pair of welding glasses but some guys broke them. I felt like making them my donors but thought better of it.

I’ve been put by a girl who is totally accident prone and is constantly cutting herself. One time she got this huge paper cut, so when she went up to get a band-aid, I swiped my finger across the blood and shoved it in my mouth. It was heaven, — my first blood in literally a month.

No one knows about me — I feel so alone… My aunt was a vampire but she died in a car accident. I first found out I was a vampire when my friend fell and cut open her knee. I was mesmerized by the blood and couldn’t help myself… My aunt told me I was a vampire and said she’d help me get through all the hard times, but then she died.

Contributed by Ali

I have to begin with the fact that nobody here knows about me being a vampire. I have been hiding this fact about me for approximately five years, when I firstly felt the urge for the human blood. I must say that this was rather shocking. I was interested in vampirism; however, I never even dared to think that I could become one myself. I understood that my life will be rather difficult, because of the changes that were happening in my body and mind.

My greatest problems always have been related to my parents. They are Catholic people and therefore they are horrified of a mere thought that I could be one of the community. I am not a religious person and I visit church only twice a year just because I am forced to do so by my mother and grandmother. Don’t understand me wrong. I love churches as beautiful buildings and calm hiding places when they are silent and empty. Masses of people make me horrifyingly nervous. I have been forced to talk with a priest, because my mother was afraid that I am a member of Satan’s church. I managed to hand my books and records to my best friend. However, I had to burn my diary and some of my prose and drawings. My mother has read my diary for innumerable number of times. I know that my parents mean good, but they cause more harm this way…

Of course, I suffer from insomnia at nights. I cannot fall asleep until early in the morning. I have to attend school in the mornings and I am extremely sleepy at lessons. Of course, I am not allowed to walk around at nights. I can only drink my own blood, because I cannot have a donor. I know that my best friend would agree to give me blood. But I do not want to use her.

All these problems are making my existence perilous and difficult; however, I have learned to survive and to keep my secret from the world still having also my share of fun. Therefore I feel blessed to be one of the vampires. And I am glad to share my experience…

If anyone would be willing to share their thoughts or problems they encounter, I will be gratified to help in every possible way. You can contact me at shade1313 (at) Feel free to do so, if there is such a necessity.

With blessings

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I’m the founder/creator/page slave of I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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One Response to Problems Vampires Have, Page 10

  1. Sanguidea says:

    Oh, where to begin… these are the things that annoy me:
    – Sunlight. It drains me, hurts my eyes and burns my skin. When walking for any length of time in it, I end up feeling so exhausted I just want to lay down and sleep. Snow only makes it worse and I’ve nearly crashed a couple times because of it.
    – Donors and the dryspells that arise when none are to be found. I’ve gone as long as two years without a donor and it is tortuous. The hunger reemerges a week after my last feeding, becomes painful after two. I get muscle spasms at this time. By week three the pain is unbearable, making me exceedingly short in temper. By week four, it becomes difficult to keep solid food down, the blood nightmares begin and I will shake uncontrollably.
    – When my parents notice how bad I get during my dryspells and threaten to take me to the ER. I, of course, refuse because once the doctors realize what I do to alleviate my systems, they would have me sent to the Psych Wing for evaluating.
    – Friends who repeatedly express doubt and annoyance when I’m struck by intense stomach pains or I can’t control my shaking limbs. Or they laugh when I growl. Anyone who’s seen me lose it should be wary of my growl.
    – Vampire Jokes… yeah, not fond of them as I am no laughing matter.
    – Teenagers who beg to be turned. Wouldn’t do it even if I could.
    – People who wear excessive amounts of cologne/perfume. Seriously, people, a couple spritzes and go; you’re not supposed to bathe in it!
    – Bright lights are troublesome all on their own, but people who drive with their brights on or, Gods forbid, have those retina seering Halogen headlamps!
    – Those migraines that seem to strike right around when the hunger returns.
    – Psychiatrists, for the obvious reasons.
    – Bible-thumpers… there’s definitely something disheartening to pass a little old lady on the street, only to see her cross herself in my presence.
    – Hardcore Wiccans- those that follow the pure white path really frown upon vampires and blood use in general.
    – Vampire RPers… they clearly have no clue as to what being a vampire is really like. They think is all immortality and awesomeness. Hardly. It’s an unholy pain in my ass and even when I’m not hungry, I don’t feel remotely normal.
    – Large crowds, especially when I’m hungry. The feelings and emotions all around me can be completely intrusive and wears away at the concentration that would be better spent not concentrating on how delicious their blood would be, not losing control.

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