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I think maybe it is time that we address the issue of guilt among us. It seems to be another side effect of the condition that we bear, along with the feelings of self doubt, shame, and self loathing. If this isn’t bad enough, there are all the little voices from outside telling us that we are evil and we should change our ways. There are some that feel that drawing energy from others is like theft, or a violation, but know that they cannot help themselves, for it is in our nature.

It is in our nature. It is what we are and what we do. I never asked to be this way, yet I am. I was born with it. To hate myself would be to hate a bird because it flies, or a wolf because it hunts. All I can do is to make sure I “hunt” wisely, and to fly in the right direction. I never intentionally harm anyone, instead I try to help in anyway I can. I can sense pain, and I try to ease it. Very rarely do I need to siphon off from any one person. People leak energy all over, I just walk among them and clean it up. Growing up in areas full of anger, pain and misery, it is what I am used to feeding on, and the sources never run dry.

The plus side of empathy is knowing when someone needs you. I doubt if anyone would complain about you taking away some of their pain. I try to feed them back as much peace as I can, and what I can’t do with energy, I do with words.

The negative side of empathy is that if I were to hurt someone, it comes crashing back on me…I always feel I am walking on eggshells trying to keep from doing or even saying the wrong thing. If I am always battling guilt and self loathing, it flows out of me into those around me, making everyone miserable as well.

Keep these things in mind when you are burdened with guilt. All things were created for a purpose. The hard part is finding that purpose. If you do your best to fly straight and hunt wisely, then you are doing well.

There is enough guilt for me in the sins I have committed by just being human. No need to crucify myself for something I cannot help.

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