Vampire Traits

by Jetstorm V

Ok, so here it is…I read that no real definition can be given to what makes a true vampire. If you take the varied present meanings, true they won’t go together. If a real vampire is a real thing, then it would have real traits and characteristics though.

Example: I believe myself to be for real. I have certain abilities that I can’t explain, also after extensive researching and debating, I’ve come to a conclusion of what a real vampire might be. What it is…if I am one. If I am one, then I would have all of the traits of one…anyone else with all of the said traits would also fit the definition.

I’m a scientist first and foremost. I have done actual work, study and experiments on myself and others in regards to the following:

These are the traits that I have, that I have come to believe to be those of a vampire.

1. Increased mental ability

This could be called psychic ability.

This includes mostly empathic abilities, but also some limited skill in seeing through time. What does that mean? I’m not sure, it’s the best phrase I’ve come up with. Let me explain, I can see more than anything or anyone’s present. More than what they are now, I can see what they have been, and will be. Could this trait have developed in vampires to assist in what some legends call the ability to “charm the pants” off someone? Perhaps so that they may be able to lower their victim’s defenses and…you know. I can do that, I know how people feel…I know exactly what they’re thinking…what they are going to say, and what they want me to say. What I said about developing…well that brings me to…

2. Genes

I have seen evidence that vampires aren’t unscientific…Perhaps something supernatural is likewise involved, but I don’t think that our bodies…anyone’s body…is separate from whatever other supernatural things we may be, or be connected to. There are different genetic traits that show up in vampires…I’ve actually proven that. As with most genetic things, they can be, often are, but not always…passed to the offspring. I’ve found that many families (including mine) have a history of vampire family members. Different levels of dominance show, some things showing up more in one person than the other…but still the same traits. As I mentioned before, these traits aren’t always passed. Unless the traits can remain dormant and unseen through multiple generations until reappearing, (which I doubt…being that they are very dominant traits…) then something must also create a vampire. No, not “the bite”…I’m talking about before birth…something happening to the child’s genetic makeup, perhaps it can happen randomly and has no real catalyst.

3. Blood

I (as well as others that I have come to study) have an unknown blood deficiency. I cannot keep my blood sugar up…but not like the currently known medical conditions like diabetes. I have asked many doctors about my blood in tests, and they say the same thing I do…well, that it’s something they’ve never seen. I must eat something every 2 hours. A lot of something, no small snack mind you. I do not gain wait from this either. I must do this or I will begin to experience some painful symptoms. I get cold (to the touch), I feel like my blood is burning, I begin to tremble uncontrollably. (not like cold trembling) Perhaps the best way to combat this need for nutrients for my blood would be…blood. Maybe the continuous drinking of other creatures’ (humans I think would work the best) blood could keep me, and others like this, healthy. The cause of this draining of my blood’s energy? I think (4) can answer that.

4. Strength and stamina

Some think that these are not real vampire traits, only ones of fiction. This is not true. They were not widely heard of before stories like “Dracula”, but I have found their existence to pre-date that time period. Increased strength is self explanatory…I’m just abnormally strong for my size and condition (I don’t strength-train). Increased stamina however, has revealed itself in my life in many notable occasions. I have been in an un-survivable car wreck, I mean it too…It’s not my opinion of what happened, that’s what the police and medical reports stated. I had only on scratch on my body…on my hand. Everything else about me was better than some “healthy” people. I mean no bruises, bone injuries, etc. I have never had anything of the sort. (bruises, injuries, etc.) I have other examples aswell, I think them to be un-necessary however, to prove my point.

5. Sun too bright, give me night

No, the sun does not melt vampires, nor does it catch them on fire. Nothing like that, these myths resulted from scared people attempting to figure why vampires were never in the light, only night. I’m not sure how this could be possible, but I’ve seem to come across proof that the sun does weaken vampires. Perhaps a reaction to UV light? I’m not sure why this is, however it is impossible for any real vampire to enjoy being out in the sun all day. You don’t have to hate the day of course, you may like sitting outside in the shade sometimes…or even often. Usually nights are cooler than during the day. I’ve noticed vampires have a low level of heat tolerance, but a high level of cold tolerance…are these things another adaptation or developed trait vampires acquired throughout their evolution? I don’t know that either, but it stands to reason that a vampire would have found finding prey at night easier than day, so most of their time would have laid there. On the same note, vampires’ eyes seem to have adapted to the night. Sun light sensitivity is very high in a vampire’s eyes, and good night vision sometimes occurs. I’m looking at evidence that this night vision ability may be damaged by to much exposure to light. People have to go to school and work, and this “day walking” can bring over exposure to light, killing your vision. Sunglasses can help, and then you can look like Blade! The movie was inaccurate but entertaining…Anyone else see that? Nevermind… The feeling of being drained in light could be responsible for the feeling of tiredness vampires have during the day. All of the vampire data I’ve examined from myself and others seems to indicate a boost of energy at night. Perhaps this isn’t a boost, but your just not feeling low on energy anymore. I have taken time to study my sleeping, and have had my doctors agree with me, I need 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day. My body won’t work with out it. I see some correlation with other data in this regard, but I’m not sure of it’s direct connection to anything…so I’m going to leave it at mentioning it, and not state it as a possible trait.

I have gathered more information than this over the past 7 years of my vampire studies, but I am still putting it together. It may effect the above listed things…do not read the above 5 examinations as if they were the Bible. I am only submitting to the reader what I have come to believe based on what I have found. Maybe you can find different things from the same information…

If you have any other questions about vampires that I haven’t answered well, or at all, in the above…then e-mail me. My contact info is below. As I said I have more information. Specific questions may help use the info to answer something. While a response is not necessary, I am always looking for more information on more vampires…If you’d like to say something, share something, please do.

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