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Do vampires have fun? Yeah, despite all the problems we have, we still manage to have some fun. We have more fun than blondes. Here’s some of the fun we have, some of the silly situations we sometimes find ourselves in… I’ve nicknamed this section “Freaking the Mundanes” (with a nod to Leslie Fish, who wrote a filk song of the same name about the SCA).

Seeking contributions and input. All submissions become the property of Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page, and will be considered for inclusion herein. Submissions may be edited. If you have an experience that you would like to share, send it to me, but let me know that it’s for Fun Vampires Have, and that it is OK to include what you wrote.


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During the summer, I would sit in my room where it’s really dark and play on my computer, only going out to the brightly lit kitchen to get food or drink. One time, when my dad happened to walk into my room, he mentioned how dark it was, and how he thought I was a vampire (kidding, of course). I merely smiled at him and hissed, making him laugh. Later that night, I went to get something to eat. I noticed how the entire kitchen smelt like garlic, and it was coming from the refrigerator. I asked my dad what it was, and without blinking, he replied, “Eh, your mom’s trying to keep you out of the fridge.” I still laugh at this, as they still have no idea!!

Contributed by DubDub G

Not too long ago, my school chorus went to a music performance assessment thing where we have to sing for judges and crap like that. Well, the choir I was in just happened to be full of prank-playing teens (I completely include myself in that!). Well, this guy happened to bring his fangs with him (not sure if he is a vamp or not) and decided to put them in. After a half an hour of sitting in a hot church-like robe in an auditorium waiting for all of the schools to file in, he decided to have a bit of fun. The choir sitting across from us was obviously making fun of our gold and black outfits, so he gave them a great big smile filled with pearly white fangs. Needless to say, the entire other choir, and others who were watching, turned pale and most asked to leave to go to the bathroom! Our chorus erupted with laughter.

Contributed by Natalie
punkadelicrelic (at)

I’m a high-schooling hybrid vampire who has recently awakened. During the midst of confusion and weakness and frustration, I got my little dose of pride of who I am.

I was at work one evening, just as the sun was setting. The shades on the windows at the restaurant I work at were not in the right place, so the sunlight penetrated the glass and right into my eyes. I have pretty good tolerance to the sun skin-wise, but my eyes are awful. So I ran to the back and dug into my purse and took out a pair of sunglasses. My boss came out and saw me and broke out with a laugh and asked, “What are you, a vampire?”

I grinned widely and said. “Yes, yes I am.” Even though he was laughing, he sort of gave a gasp and said. “Don’t play around, I swear you are, look how dominant your canines are.” I just snickered and said. “I’ll try not to bite you then.”

It didn’t help that I was sleeping all day and I was late for work. He was curious to why I was still asleep at 4 pm.

Though it was all jokingly, it was nice to be acknowledged.

Contributed by Kiono

The summer after I awakened, I was at my mother’s house and am very interested in Victorian times (not having to do with vampirism), especially dress. I had found a frock coat online and had the money to buy it, but needed a credit card so I asked my stepfather. He went online and found it and commented on how only a vampire would like that. I just smiled and laughed (none of my family knows). Later that week, I was in my bedroom after my parents had gotten new blinds, and since my room was black, I received a blackout shade. Since it’s obviously sunny in the good ol’ state of WA, I had the shade down and no lights on. My stepfather happened to come in, and again jokingly commented on how must be a vampire. All that summer he found some comment to make about me being a vampire, which was what I thought odd but fun.

If I may add, if anybody is in West NY, in NY, or near Mt. Vernon in WA, could you contact me? I have not directly met anybody of the type yet, thanks.

Stay Happy, some of us need it.

Contributed by Dave
davefyil (at)

Last year, I traveled to a small town in the country and there was an old cemetery. My girlfriend and I decided to wander through the graves at night, just to pass the time. We were as quiet as possible, feeling the sweetness of the darkness when somebody came in from the gate.

I did not want to be seen there, so quite scared, I said to my girl, “Pretend to be a ghost! Do it!” She began to act like a ghost from hell, walking softly, almost floating amongst the graves… That was really funny. I moved as fast as I could to the back gate, but the man saw the “ghost” and froze in terror then ran away from the graveyard.

Some minutes later, he was back with three other men. My girl hid in a tomb and I moved quickly from the back gate to the front gate, and stood for a while staring and hissing at the men. They said nothing and did nothing but you had to see their faces! Then I moved away and vanished in the dark. I called my girlfriend and we jumped the wall and were gone.

Soon after that, we were walking down the streets and heard some local residents talking about ghosts and vampires in the town. Then suddenly, a drunk man stood up and shouted, “Hey, look! The vampire!! The devils! The people from the graves!” We were almost busted! Happily, I said that the man was drunk and crazy and that vampires and ghosts don´t exist, and he’d better talk about God and Jesus than about such evil stuff. They gave me reason… But there are still people there who fear me.

Contributed by Stuart

This incident involves fangs and a little boy. I was waiting at the bus stop after having been to see my sister at work in full gear: full-length leather trench coat, spikey hair, black lipstick, black eyes, you can imagine the rest…spikes, etc.

This little boy, probably no older than about five, was dragging along behind and older boy and girl in their late teens (his brother and sister?). As he walked slowly past me, he glared at me, intrigued by my looks. I couldn’t help but smile at him, baring my fangs and hissing slightly. The poor little kid turned white, stood petrified a little bit, and then ran screaming toward his brother and sister. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and got more strange looks.

After about five minutes I saw them on their way back, so I sneakily removed my fangs, ready to smile at them. The little boy must have told them he had seen a vampire and they didn’t believe him because he dragged them back to see me. When they got to me, the little boy was glued to the older boy’s arm, whispering, “There she is, the girl in black.” The older boy looked at me and I smiled, revealing a perfectly normal smile.

“She hasn’t even got fangs, how can she be a vampire?” he said and the little boy just kept saying,”But she has. I saw them, I saw them!” The older boy told him he’d watched too much TV and dragged him away. I had to laugh.

Contributed by Lamia Mephistopheles Wraithinez
xmephistophelesex (at)

Three of my friends know that I am a psy vamp, and one knows I’m also a sang. Needless to say, they tease me about it, and most of the time I go along with it. One day while my friend (the one who knows I’m a blood drinker) made a funny comment about it while we were alone. One of the football players at my school who has a nasty habit of listening to other people’s conversations, overheard us, and he asked me if it was true. My friend and I kind of looked at each other, and I smiled at him. “I could be,” I told him in attempt to scare him. He looked at me, wide-eyed, and took a step back. I could tell from the look on his face that I was going to end up as locker room gossip if I didn’t do something. My friend could see it, too, and she moved around so that she was behind him. “But he won’t tell,” she said happily. “Nope,” I said, “because who would believe him if he did?” And we both walked off laughing. I don’t think that guy has ever told, but he still avoids me.

Contributed by SnowPaws

I was in my science class where information about my ‘habits’ had managed to leak from an ex-friend, and naturally questions arose. One of those lovely, prissy, popular girls (you know the ones I mean) decided to have a go, and rudely woke me with a sharp smack to the back of my head (ow!), and started to ask the traditional questions. Instead of answering her, I just stared at her (unbeknownst to her with a couple of my favourite fangs in my mouth). Eventually she asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Come on, talk, vampie. Why aren’t you talking, huh?!” So I rose slowly, walked nose-to-nose with her, and whispered, “Just thinking about a snack!” and roared as loud as I could, exposing the pointy pearlies as much as possible. At this point, she ran out, screaming about crosses and garlic, while I and my science class laughed our asses off — including the teacher. It had the right effect, though, as she and her friends quickly changed to a different science class and neither they nor their friends even looked at me again!

Contributed by Hanzi

I’m a college Cross Country runner, and usually go on my summer training runs in the evening. Near the end of my run, I spotted another runner (some athletic guy, about 30), on the hill ahead of me. Something about visible surface veins plus a person running triggered my predatory instincts, and I started sprinting up the hill after him. One part of my brain was asking me what the f*&% I thought I’d do if I caught him; the other was telling me to give chase. I was actually gaining on him, when he heard my footsteps (I can only assume) and looked over his shoulder; he must have seen the crazed predator look in my eyes, because gave me a totally freaked-out look. He peeled out of there, and ducked around a corner behind a building. I can only imagine what he told his buddies when he got home.

Contributed by Fidhealir, from the VCMB

Last year was a little odd for me because most of my awakening happened in the summer. When it was time to start school again, I was a little shocking and kinda odd, especially at the beginning of the year, and people at my tiny preppy high school definitely took notice of my odd behavior. Needless to say, they made countless vampire jokes and to this day I am known as “the vampire”, “Dracula” (which isn’t too creative, if you ask me), and my all-time favorite, “Batman” (so named because of the cloak I took to wearing to help keep the sun off me).

One day in gym class, I was standing around not dressed, and not doing anything as usual, and talking to one of my friends. This guy started giving me crap about vampires so I decided to mess with his head a little. I was wearing fangs that day, but you couldn’t see them unless I opened my mouth a lot, and I was careful not to let them show.

He was asking questions like, “Do you turn into a bat and fly around?”, and I said, “How do you think I got to school today?”

He asked, “How are you out in the day without bursting into flame?”, to which I said, “I have a huge, strong sunscreen on today”.

He asked a few stupid questions like that until he finally asked, “Do you suck blood?” and I replied, “Of course I do. Sometimes I pour it on cereal!” I then gave him a huge grin, exposing my newly purchased fangs, and he turned almost as pale as me! — and never gave me crap about being “the vampire” again!

Yeah…I know vampire girls suck! Ha ha! :p

Contributed by Anonymous

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I’m the founder/creator/page slave of I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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