Matching the Donor to the Vampire

By Sarasvati Faolchú

(Based on a question posted on The Vampiric Community Information and Support Board)

For information or definitions of some of the terms in this article please see Terminology & Lingo.

What kind of person would a particular type of vampire have to feed from? It varies immensely depending on the vampire, how they feed, how often they feed, and the way they came across the person. Often the person is a close friend, so the relationship is more one of friendship and mutual care. Sometimes the person is a spouse or lover, so it goes one step up from friendship, but the mutual care is still present. There is also a sort of “for hire” donor, where the relationship is more based on barter then feelings… i.e., you can have my blood, but I get xyz (usually money, but sometimes other things as well). There are also the vampires that care nothing for the person, fortunately rare, as these are usually the types that give the rest a bad name in terms of PR.

Let’s consider two lists:

Types of vampires: blood drinkers, blood fetishists, blood junkies, psi vampires or energy vampires, fashion vampires, latent vampires, sexual vampires (incubus and succubus), sanguinarians, sympathetic vampires, and solitaries.

Types of people to feed from: blood dolls, bloodsharing partners, donors, feeding circles, sources, and vampire bait.

As to matching up from the two lists, a few may match better than others, but it’s not exactly a 1:1 match. For sake of simplicity, I am going to put blood junkie and sanguinarian as the same thing, since one is just a derogatory term for the other. Also donor = bloodsharing partner, for the sake of simplicity.

  • A Blood drinker or sanguinarian would match with a blood doll, feeding circle, vampire bait, or donor equally.
  • A psi or energy vampire (I think) would veer more towards a source or vampire bait. Not listed in the list, but psi would also tend to feed from more than one person for their safety (to reduce the drain on any one person).
  • Fashion vampires may or may not have a donor at all, depending on how far they take the fashion. If they do, it would most likely be a donor or blood doll, probably more likely a blood doll.
  • Latent vampires would be unlikely to have a donor or anything in the resemblance thereof, because they would not yet be aware that they are a vampire.
  • Sexual vampires would probably have a donor (lover), source, or possibly vampire bait.
  • Solitary vampire would depend on type, since solitary implies nothing more then they choose not to become involved in the community as a whole.
  • Sympathetic vampires can go with any other type as the term implies they already were a donor, but are showing (temporary) signs of vampirism.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, however it does give a general idea of the types for quick reference.

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