What responsibilities are involved if a vampire intends to awaken someone?

I will touch on this briefly right now, and then in more detail and add to it later.

Off the top of my head, I would say that the top three responsibilities are to inform the individual who is to be or has been recently awakened exactly what s/he is and is not, what to expect and when, and to monitor closely the individual, and his/her progression; also vitally important is to make sure that s/he knows how to find sources/donors and that s/he does find sources/donors; to inform him/her what is and what is not acceptable and to instill in him/her a sense of discipline which will not be forgotten if and when s/he would not be too overly concerned with, — how shall I say?, — moral and honorable methods of obtaining blood; to have sources available for him/herself early on at least until s/he can cultivate some of his/her own; to keep an eye on him/her to make sure that s/he does not make an utter fool of himself/herself before the newness of it all wears off, or commit any offenses against others or the mundanes, and to see what problems that s/he may have in dealing with his/her condition / situation; to provide support and solutions for any problems which may arise…

I would also stress that it would be good to teach the newly awakened vampire the different ways of obtaining blood, safety and health concerns, as well as how to properly and safely perform the bloodletting procedures.

Another good thing would be to introduce them to the community, as well as to instill in them a sense of when and how to (and not to) “come out of the coffin” to another or others; how to safely conceal themselves and their practices and activities from those who would in some way prove detrimental to their personal safety, security or peace of mind; how to defend themselves in various situations, be it confrontational, physical, verbal, or what have you; how to proceede in contacting authorities, and present themselves and their situation / case to the authorities in such a way that they will not be dismissed out-of-hand as a crackpot and ignored.

This is just off the top of my head. There are more, and I shall add to this later. (I smell an article, too…but when, I have no idea…)

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More info later.

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