What can you tell me about the High Council?'

Anyone can proclaim themselves and their group to be “High Council”. What authority do they have? How far does it extend? Whom are they allegedly high-counselling over?

*Sanguinarius proclaims herself to be Pope. — No, The Pope…though not of the Catholic religion*

The thing is, any “high council” or similar thing only has the authority by consent of the people. There may be a dozen or more High Councils out there. There may only be one. But none of us are subject to it or it's authority.

And if none of us are subject to it or its authority, then it has no power, no influence.

There is no high council — or even low council — over the vampires. Maybe there should be? But there isn't.

There was C.O.V.I.C.A. (Council Of Vampiric International Community Affairs), which purpose was to help network the community, standardize vampire/vampyre language and terminology, and encourage cooperation, if not outright unification between the diverse aspects of the vampire/vampyre subculture. But since I resigned, it seems to have faded into nonexistence.

There was also the Council of Elders, headed by Damien DaVille of the Vampire Church. It was an organization of the Elders of member Houses and organizations for the purpose of unifying and promoting the well-being of the vampire community. I don't thnik it is still around, though.

There's Voices of the Vampire Community (the VVC), but it is not a governing body, just a network of some of the major figures in the vampire community. It doesn't control anyone or anything. It has a number of projects we are working on for the betterment of the vampire community; it also facilitates communication amongst Elders and leading figures in the community.

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