What are ways that a person, who is a donor, can also protect themselves, if necessary, from unwilling attacks by psychic/emotional vampires? What rights do donors have? Can more information be given for donors in reference to their vampiric interactions?

Okay, I'll take this question apart and answer these one at a time.

A donor can protect themselves the same way all other people can, and that is by knowledge and by learning proper shielding techniques.

What rights do donors have? Please be sure to read SphynxCat's Tips for Donors by Ravena Lee, as well as additional articles on donorship on that site, as well as the articles here on Sanguinarius and on the Sanguinarius forums.

No one, vamp or not, has the right to force you into becoming a donor, so never agree to anything you don't want to do.

Also be aware of your partner's state of health and mind before beginning any donating, because cutting anyone involves a lot of thought. You don't want the person cutting you to be spacy.

For more information please feel free to look through the articles on donors, their rights, and safety on Sanguinarius and other affiliated sites.

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