How could I tell my friend that I think s/he might be a vampire without him/her thinking I'm crazy (if s/he turns out not to be one)?

You might start out by talking about the paranormal, if that's something that interests them, and gradually move towards vampires, and see what their responses are, how they feel about them, etc. At some point, mention you were looking on the web at a site about real vampires and that it was intriguing, and see what their responses are. If they give positive responses, maybe press on and say that you wonder if there could be real vampires or not? This conversation might be something that takes place all at once, or over a couple of conversations or days, or whatever. Feel things out as the conversation progresses, and move forward as quickly or as slowly as you feel is right. At the very least, if they turn out not to be, it could make for an interesting conversation. Smile

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