Can you be infected by a vampire's blood?

No, that is myth… Vampirism is not caused by a virus — regardless of what you may read on a few (questionable) websites out there. Often, it is the ingestion of blood that does cause somebody to begin undergoing what seems to be the process of turning, but it's because the ingestion of the blood causes something in them to awaken, and their body realizes that it's the blood it wants.

As for being infected by a vampire's blood, you won't catch some “vampire virus”, but you still might catch some other type of bloodborne / blood-spread disease if the vampire is infected with something. This includes AIDS, Hepatitis, and all the other sexually transmitted diseases. — You don't necessarily have to have sex to catch an STD; you can catch one by ingesting blood if the disease or virus is present in the blood. You need to be extremely careful if you do, or if you plan on, engaging in any sort of bloodletting, blood feeding, or bloodplay.

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