How do we know the difference?

Print/PDF FriendlySanguinarius Organization for Real Vampires is found at (organization). The Sanguinarium was (but is no longer) found at (network), and will probably forward to the Vampyre Almanac site, or the Ordo Strigoii Vii site, or the…actually, who knows? It's different every time I click on it.

You both follow the “13 rules” / Black Veil!

Print/PDF FriendlyWe both support the Black Veil as a great basis for common sense, etiquette and respect amongst the vampire/vampyre communities. The original version of the Black Veil was written in 1997 as a code of conduct for the vampyre nightclub Long Black Veil and revised by Michelle Belanger with both of our input.

Are you guys affiliated?

Print/PDF is a completely separate entity from the Sanguinarium / Vampyre Almanac / Ordo Strigoii Vii, even though we have worked together in the past (on the Black Veil & the Lexicon). And though we have had our differences, they are resolved. We both hope to work towards the growth and prosperity of the vampire community and vampyre subculture. Together our goal is to set an example for harmony and cooperation between the diverse … Continue reading

What is the difference between and the Sanguinarium?

Print/PDF for Real Vampires / Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page ( was founded online in 1997 by Sanguinarius and is not a membership organization but provides resources, articles and information for, by, and about real vampires and the vampire community. Originally it was published on AOL, and became “Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page” after a brief time as merely “The Homepage of Sanguinarius”. Before the days of the Internet, in the late '80s and … Continue reading

What do you guys have such similar names?

Print/PDF FriendlyBoth words stem from the Latin root sanguinarius, meaning bloodthirsty. Sanguinarius started up in early 1997. The Sanguinarium did not go online fully until late 1997 and evolved from the New York underground Goth scene and vampire LARPs (live action role-playing).

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