Is there any vampire that is willing to turn a human into a vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyWell, I’m sure there are probably a few who would be willing if they were able to turn someone, but one must be born a vampire and will generally awaken sometime in his or her teens; sometimes earlier, and sometimes later (and I have little doubt, sometimes never).  Being unawakened is called being a “latent vampire”.  Most vampires, however, would not turn or awaken someone if they could because being a vampire is nothing … Continue reading

Do vampires have blond bonds, if so what is a blood bond I've heard of it but I still don't know what it means and also would a vampire turn a person they really really love?

Print/PDF FriendlyI'm not quite sure what is meant by Blood Bond. There's a certain intimacy involved in drinking a persons blood, even being completely clinical, the taking and consumption of another being's blood can cause a “bond” with the donor. But not in any Dracula way (I've not seen True Blood or Twilight, so if it's a reference, I'm not likely to get it), more like a friendship, or caring. A bond of… gratitude, is … Continue reading

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