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Welcome to Sanguinarius’s Audio Archive. Whenever a real vampire, community, otherkin, therianthropy or related radio show or podcast becomes available, I will add it here (if I know about it). I opened this archive to be a permanent home of all the real vampire-related and otherkin audio files I have. You can listen to them online, or download and listen later (I have to figure out how to enable downloading). Files will be in mp3 or ogg format.

Real Vampires and the Community

Otherkin, Therianthropy and Were-Creatures


Extant (?) But Unavailable Shows

The titles below are known by me to exist but I have not been able to obtain a copy.  I have documented their existence for possible future reference and someday hope to include them in the archive. It is possible that they don’t exist any longer, although I hope they do.

Coast to Coast AM – 2009-06-20 – Jason ‘The Horse’ Wentworth – Horse in Human Form
Ian Punnett welcomed Jason ‘The Horse’, a man who believes he is really a horse living inside a human body. Jason talked about what it was like to live as a horse, as well as shared the story of how he came to understand his true nature. (cont’d) Show website:

Kevin Smith Show – 2001-06-?? – Damien Daville – Real Vampires
Kevin had Damien on the show and presumably they talked about real vampires. Show website:

Nightwatch – 2005-11-08 – Sylvere ap Leanan – Real Vampires
Todd Sheets interviews Sylvere ap Leanan about real vampires. Show website:

Sacred Division, The – 2009-07-22 – Zilchy – Vampires
Bishop James Long interviews Zilchy about real vampires. Show website: – Archive:


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