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Vampire Guide: Social Matters: Personal Safety & Security

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What to Do if Forced to Reveal Yourself

By Blood Breed

1.) DO NOT respond to questions concerning your vampirism. Fire doesn't burn unless it is fueled; the same goes with an argument. This especially applies to very public and inappropriate settings (churches or other places you would normally be uncomfortable talking about such things).

2.) If a friend who you know would understand brings it up, yet most, if not all, of those around you probably would not, ask him/her to talk about it elsewhere, and make sure they know that it is "not a good time to talk about it".

3.) Any further mention of topics known to be inappropriate (probably more than twice) is considered harassment, especially if it is known to be unwanted.

Your rights:

You have the right to not have your personal/private life exposed in a public setting.

You have the right to not be ridiculed, harassed, or otherwise embarrassed because of who or what you are or believe.

You have the right to freely practice (legally, of course) any: practice, belief system, mode of dress, etc.

You have the right, within certain guidelines, to participate in any: club, event, etc., that is considered public.

Threats to Personal Safety

from Sanguinarius

If you are approached by someone threatening your personal safety, -- go to the police; if you feel that you cannot involve them in the matter, then please do not try to deal with the person, people or situation alone! If you are in such a situation that permits fleeing, -- DO SO! There is no shame in fleeing. If s/he or they want you to come with them, do not go with them. You'll be "bought and paid for" then. Go for broke: Fight. Resist. Be violent. Make lots of screaming noises to attract attention to yourself and your situation. If you are being threatened, harrassed, stalked, etc., bring in reinforcements. Many times, the police's hands are tied until someone has actually done a crime against you. But, personally, I would want the problem solved before it reaches that point!

I will have more on this later.

Slayer This, Slayer That

from Sanguinarius

Slayers are generally teenaged, loudmouthed Buffy or Blade spazzes. There are also those who call themselves hunters. Most of them claim to hunt the "undead" type of vampire (which is probably why they have so much time to post online). For the most part, these people can be ignored.

But, as with any minority of different people, there will be the occasional hate-oriented psycho, bigot, religious zealot, or other fuqnut who may be serious in their attempt or desire to harm those who are, or who the hunter perceives are, vampires. This may range from mild vandalism such as slashing the tires on a vamp's care, to more severe things such as stalking, threatening, harrassing, and on occasion physically assaulting them, members of their families, or their pets.

These things mayn't happen very often, but they can happen, have happened and do occasionally happen. I feel that most likely the "hunter" or "slayer" wants to feel in control over the vampire, whom they in some way feel threatened by, and seeks to achieve this by psychological and/or physical intimidation, threats, and harrassment toward the vampire.

If anybody should experience this sort of thing, my adivce is to keep a log of each occurence, with the time, date, location, description of the incident, as well as the perpetrator(s) or instigator(s), as well as anybody else who was present at the time of the incident who could corroborate what happened. If the incident is serious, such as damage to property, threats, repeated harrassment, physical violence, etc., or just repeated incidents from the same individual or group of people, then let the police know what is going on. You don't need to say something like, "They are targetting me because I'm a vampire." Instead, say, "Apparently, they are targetting me because they believe I'm a vampire (or Goth, or wiccan, or were-something, or whatever)." Give the police a COPY of your logs of the incidents, if necessary, but keep your original if possible.

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