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Remember this: Those you take from are people, men and women, human beings. And so are you, for that matter, despite whatever else you would like to think, or have been told. You are not better than they are, just different. "Humans" are not to be viewed as cattle or to be ruled over by those who are vampires.

A Warning label with Psyvamps

by: Guenevere Angeles

As a psychic vampire, I have seen first hand what an energy draining can do to a person -- from acid-like reactions, a total state of euphoria, to leaving one in what I call the ragdoll effect. I have learned to take care of my "gift" and try to use it responsibly. I take from those who know what I am and try to block out those bad tainted energy that can completely backfire on me. I have a total distaste for drug-users, those involved in devil-like practices, and necromancers.

I am writing this as a warning to those around known psyvamps...beware! Even though I use my gift responsibly there are vamps out there who do not take care, or don't wish to take care, of their gifts. I unfortunately let my guard (and shield) down.

I've allowed a vamp to drain me of nearly all my energy, leaving me a blubbery ragdoll, unable to move, much less defend. So I became a victim of my once-time lover who sexually assaulted me. -- Thank god he didn't rape me, but in the state I was in, there was little I could to stop it. Afterwards, all I could do was weep until I was able to regain my energy (thank God). He did try to "give" back the energy but he was once into necromancy and had other demons that I refused to take in.

In the end, I feel utterly violated and out of control. If you are psyvamps or are associated with them, build a shield! I can't explain how to create one, I've created mine with help and even that failed me when it was challenged by this strong vamp. There is a real danger, -- so please, my dear friends, learn from my story and be careful, psyvamps are much more dangerous at times than even some of our brother blood drinkers. Be aware, enemies are all around.

Psychic Vampirism

from Mazraim

Let me start by saying that while many hold to the belief that anyone can become an energy vampire it's simply not the truth. Yes it is possible for normal humans to "leech" off of the energy of others and the various other energy sources from which "PsyVamps" (I truely disdain this term, but I use it for lack of a better one) feed; they are not in reality psychic vampires. The differentiating factor here is simply this: "true" energy vampires are born NEEDING the additional energy to survive, and usually develop unconcious ways of feeding from others. The others, whom I have termed as "PsyLeeches", somewhere along the line have discovered a way to drain the energy of others to suppliment to their own. While this additional energy DOES become addicting, and will cause symptoms of withdrawal if the "leeching" is stopped, it will not cause death to stop (although the withdrawing "PsyLeech" will probably think they are dying), as it would with a true "PsyVamp". I like to get that out of the way before I delve further into suggestions for the newly awakened or "fledgeling" psychic vampires.

My first suggestion is this: GET CONTROL OF YOUR FEEDING! This is very important, you must learn to stop feeding in an uncontrolled manner, as this can be dangerous to both yourself and to those you are feeding from. I can't suggest any ways in which to do this other than saying it's generally a personal thing, and everyone I know who's gone through this has done it differently (meditation, brooding, isolation, etc...). Once this is done, you can begin trying to discover which types of energy you prefer to feed from. The most common types are positive and negative emotional energy.

There are several places and situations where both are present in good quantity. However what is more important than quantity is QUALITY. I have a few personal tricks that I use to gain high quality energy; these I'll pass on happily.

1. Sex

Sexual energy can be almost euphoric to feed from, and I will state that it can sometimes be an addictive and dangerous source.

2. Role Players

While most vampires truely dislike these types of people, I actually adore them! When in the throes of a well-done game, they produce some of the highest quality energy I have ever experienced. I do suggest "Fantasy" (D&D and the like) role players over those who prefer Vampiric role play, for some reason the fantasy types give better quality energy.

3. Vampyre Lifestyle

This is a technique rather than an actual source of energy, and works better in a place outside of large city environments (like L.A.). You've probably seen them before and know the idea: capes, black lipstick, fake fangs...the whole thing. After getting dressed up like this the energy given off by those arround you can be very rich, especially those whom you manage to grab that initial shock from.

Life as a Psychic Vampire can be difficult, but with some vigilance and training on a personal level can be quite rewarding as well. Take care of yourselves and direct any questions to me.

Psi-Feeding Ethics

from Anonymous Contributor

I have rescently awakened, and I have spent a great deal of time at this site, and other sites related to psy vampires. But, I have never seen a list of feeding ethics; in other words, a few simple ways to prevent draining one person too much, or draining the wrong people.

1. Never drain the elderly. These people, although containing positive energy, especially after family visits, need what they can get.

2. Never feed from young children. Although full of energy, they can get cranky enough as it is; no point in putting the parent in more of a turmoil trying to deal with an over-drained child.

3. Feed at public places. Although you might have to deal with a lot of people, you can feed from several different people just taking a little from each one, and never getting too much positive or negative energy.

4. Never completely feed off of one person. Try to make it at least two.

5. If you can do it, feed from nature when you can't get to people. The life force in nature is strong, although it doesn't last as long as energy from humans; there is a lot of it, and it is usually easily accessible.

By following these guidelines, it will be easier not only to stay concealed, but also to avoid causing great harm to others.

Information About Feeding Techniques

There have been many articles on feeding techniques for Psis, mainly newbie-oriented. But the fact that most of us seem to have forgotten is: every Psi subconsciously develops his/her own feeding technique BEFORE he/she even realizes what it is that he/she is doing.

Instructions and tips are can be very helpful when newly "awakened" (I hate the term, but there's no better one available). Psis are trying to assure themselves they are what they suspect they are, but in the long run it can only diminish the quantity of energy supplies they would be able to obtain from their donors / "victims". The feeding technique is as distinguishing as a handwriting is -- every individual writes the letter "t" in his own way, but everyone will recognize it as "t".

The same problem occurs when describing "gifts" -- i.e., newly acquired abilities of Psis. We all like to think that we take only as much of Others' energy as we need, but that is simply not true. We ALWAYS take a bit more -- hence the "gifts" and the ability to use them.

Different articles describe different skills and that can be very confusing for a new one, still unsure about his identity (Mind you, I am here referring to RVs (real vampires), and NOT RPs (roleplayers); I am referring to those who ARE Psis, not those who WANT to be one -- wannabes will take it for granted that they are vamps just because someone was sleepy in their presence, or because blood appeals to them visually). What they must never forget is that even as Psis we are INDIVIDUALS, our skills depending on our fields of interest and on the practice itself -- very much so as the skills of Others depend on their fields of interest and character.

There is no reason whatsoever to over-mystify the life of a Psi. We may hurt someone -- well, so do the Others. We may thrive on other beings -- don't they as well? We may die if deprived of sustenance over a long period of time, but then -- won't the Others as well? We possess certain skills that are considered unnatural but so do some of the Others...

Someone might argue that sanguinarians all feed in the same way, and that hence the feeding techniques of Psis should all be uniform. To those I have only one argument to offer: blood appears in one form, and one form ONLY. It is not so with energy.

It took me several years to realize all my abilities and weaknesses, and that did not happen before I began a research of my own. The best advice I can give is this: LEARN FROM THE ELDER AT THE BEGINNING, BUT EXPLORE ON YOUR OWN ALONG THE WAY.

by Barbs D

* * *

Usually I don't use a deliberate technique to feed. Before about 1993, I just churned up the emotions of the people around me without having any clue what I was doing or why. I knew I thrived in environments of emotional intensity and chaos, although I often ended up drained as often as energized (perhaps because most of my friends were psivamps too!).

Since reading Raven Kaldera's article*, I was brought into an awareness of what I was doing, and my conscience kicked in. I've tried to be more careful about "stirring" as I call it (stirring the emotional soup so the tasty bits come to the surface, I guess). I still do it, I just feel guilty about it now, and I try not to (and I don't do it as much).

Some things I try to do to make my feeding more ethical are that I seek out people who need emotional support and offer it to them -- often I get energized in the process -- and I look for people with an excess of nervous (or other) energy and try to balance it out, sometimes by offering a backrub. (I do the same thing when I'm feeling overenergized -- I try to "ground" it in my boyfriend if he's low-energy -- and he often is -- by giving him a backrub or just by holding him.)

from Kira

* Kaldera, Raven. "The Mother of All Vampires: Prana-Thirst and the Dark Goddess." _Coming Out Pagan: Power from Diversity and Within_ Vol. 1, No.3 (Fall 1993: Vampires), p. 1, 6-7. -- Pending permission to reprint the article on my site. If you know how I could get in contact with Raven Kaldera, PLEASE!!! LET ME KNOW!!! -- Sanguinarius.

* * *

Question: If you feed off of pranic energy, what technique do you use? (And what sort of sensations does energy give you?)

Response: Well, I pretty much have two techniques...and it depends on whether I'm feeding from an individual or from a group. If I'm feeding from a group, I just picture the energy in the room swirling above me, and coming into me. If I'm feeding from an individual, I will gauge their energy level (I can see energy levels around people), and just sort of suck the energy off of them (I can't really explain how it happens), but I will only take from someone (without permission) if they are hyper or have a lot of energy; and I will not drain them past the point of "normal" energy level. (Just to note, I only do the "without permission" part if I am out, like at a bar or something, and just feed from someone...I don't want to make it sound as if I am amoral. I do actually have fairly high morals, which is probably why I don't feed as often as I need to). If I take from someone with permission (usually a friend/lover), I'll usually let them just send me the energy until they feel they cannot anymore.

from Anonymous Contributor

* * *

I always had a dark side to me, but rescently, I became unable to stand the daytime, my skin burned easily, and I found a new association with the night, I didn't have a craving for blood, but I did crave pranic energy, as I read on and became friends with an energy vampire I found that I had awaken, although somewhat late for being 19, still I was relieved to have an answer, anyway, here is the advantage for energy feeders.

Any shopping mall is great, you can feed a little from several different people, and never over drain one person too much, although this has to usually be conducted in the day for best effect, there are some fine shady spots that provide a shelter from the sun, or do it inside. I don't know if this is more fun, or a little bit of advice for other energy feeders, but either way, I hope you enjoy what i have to say.

From Matthew

* * *


For those of you vampires who gain energy from water [ex., elemental vampires]: here is a good way to obtain it with no one being the wiser of what you are doing. In the palms of your hands are energy centers, called minor chakras, and by running water over them while in the public restroom -- energy enjoyed! Anyone around you will think you are simply washing your hands, so try not to smile too much as you enjoy the energy!

From Vampy2004

How I Drain People

from Anonymous Contributor

This is how I drain people:

  1. I fixate on a mental image of the intended victim. Visualization is important.
  2. I cross my middle fingers, and join the other fingers at the tips (the joined fingers symbolize penetration, and the crossed middle fingers symbolize withdrawal/ingestion -- the middle fingers represent the circulatory system).
  3. I make contact with the victim by extending my aura, which I visualize as a purple light enshrouding the mental image of the victim.
  4. When I feel I've made contact (usually, when I can feel the sensation of my skin touching their skin), I breath in through the mouth, feeling the victim's Lifeforce, which I visualize as a red light, being sucked into my solar plexus. I tense up my sphincter as I'm doing this, as it helps to facilitate the sensation of drawing in the victim's essence. As I am inhaling, I also focus on the taste of the victim's blood entering my mouth, as if I am actually sucking it out of them.
  5. I exhale through the nose, feeling the ingested energy accumulate in my solar plexus (the red light) as I relax my sphincter.
  6. I repeat the entire process 8 times.
  7. After 8 repetitions, I unclasp my hands, and make a chopping motion with one hand against the other, to symbolize that I am breaking contact with the victim. I then rub my hands together in a circular motion while clenching my sphincter one more time (to completely withdraw my aura from the victim), and I say, "I am revitalized, I am rejuvenated, I am Immortal", as an affirmation of Will. On to the next victim!

Instead of focusing on the idea of draining the person's "psychic" energy, I focus on the idea that I am ingesting the victim's actual blood. You have to imagine that this is so; trying to imagine or feel it any other way reduces or even negates the effectiveness of such activities. You have to have the proper perspective, and imagine it as a concrete rather than abstract phenomenon, otherwise you achieve nothing more than mental masturbation.

I am primarily a Sanguinarian, but, as I have not had a donor for almost two years, I've had to resort to other methods to sustain myself between sources. It is possible; it can be done.

If you are having difficulty, then I suggest that you practice some Ceremonial Magick / yogic breathing exercises. It's all a matter of synchronizing body sensations / visualization / imagination with your breathing. From the perspective of quantum theory (as applied to metaphysics), if you can feel something, you are already there. -- If you can feel a person and taste their blood in your mouth during an attempt at Astral Vampirism, then you are most certainly ingesting it.

Try my formula for Astral Vampirism -- I'm sure you will enjoy the results!

Alternate Methods of Feeding

Taking from Trees

If you are having a hard time finding someone to let you absorb energy from, you could always try trees. No, I'm not nuts, it's just trees tend to have a very large amount of extra energy (several times that of humans -- enough to give anyone a good feed). Usually from late fall to early spring, they refuse to give any energy, which really sucks. I am guessing this is because they are saving until they know how much they are going to use. In spring, they already have used most of what they had needed to save and again have extra. I only ever once killed a tree from doing this, and that's because I kept asking the same tree for energy every day. Eventually it just died and fell over (like all trees do, anyway).

The way I take energy from trees is simple. I just put my hand on part of it and ask it if I can have some energy. I do not ask verbally, I ask using energy... I have no idea how I learned how to do this, nor how to explain it. Usually the tree freely gives me energy until I feel better, and then I release.

from Anonymous Contributor

Elemental Feeding

Energy is all around us and the energy from wind is awesome. Whenever I hear the wind blowing; I can't wait to enjoy it. I stand, with my palms facing the wind, and let the energy enter my body. I am even able to inhale the energy which adds to the enjoyment of the feed. Also, wind energy is a good way to relieve hangovers; lol!

from Vampy2004

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