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Vampire Guide: Vampires & Psi Matters: Information on Prana & Energy

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Pranic Energy

from Winged Wolf

"Pranic energy" is a rather vague term. Does it refer to soul energy, or to psi energy? Soul energy comes from the soul, of course -- psi seems to be generated by the nervous system. But from my observations, the vast majority of psychic vampires have absolutely no problems with generating either one.

They just like the "rush" from the sudden energy increase they get from feeding, and over time, their ability to generate their own energy decreases from disuse. In all of those cases, simply stopping will cause harsh withdrawal symptoms, but they will always recover from this and their system will normalize. The one exception to this rule, -- true psi-vamps, -- are quite rare, and they do not show the psychological characteristics of the addicts.

In other words, they don't care about the emotional content of the energy, or where it comes from, so long as it's the right type, and they do need it to fuel their own abilities and maintain a normal energy level. I would hazard to suggest that any psychic vampire that has the "addict mentality" most likely does not require energy from others.

* * *

What I find equally interesting is that so many non-vampires report a blood-craving. These are usually people who do a lot of energy working; and no, they are not psychic vampires. This is not an across-the-board thing, but it is very common, and can lead to a lot of confusion -- particularly for those people (who do not need blood, and do not suffer withdrawal, but who merely have a craving for it).

Energy Types

from Sammi

I and my friends (two who are psivamps and one who is a bloodvamp) have discovered that there are several different types of energy, all of which are fed on by psi vamps:

Love: Variations are that some psivamps absorb love directed at them (ex. flirting), and some absorb love from other couples, and some can absorb both.

Anger: This includes being pissed (either side, you or them), and flat out hate.

Sadness: When other people are sad or depressed, the psivamp who absorbs this kind of energy gets REALLY hyper. Trust me, I have experienced this far too many times for comfort.

Excitement: When everybody else is happy, or hyper, or in any good mood, the psivamp absorbing this energy is a LOT more hyper. I know this also from experience

Some vamps absorb different combinations of energy types. They'll figure it out eventually.

If any fellow psivamps have questions, then email me.

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