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Vampire Guide: General Health, Medical, & Physical Comfort Concerns: Health & Medical

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Page last updated: 23 August, 2011.

Remember this: Those you take from are people, men and women, human beings. And so are you, for that matter, despite whatever else you would like to think, or have been told. You are not better than they are, just different. "Humans" are not to be viewed as cattle or to be ruled over by those who are vampires.

Vampires Need Doctors, Too

Vampires are not immune to illness. It is possible to be a Vampire and have AIDS, cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia, a cold or any other disease or illness. Not only that but many of the symptoms of vampirism are also symptoms of other known, treatable illnesses. It is very important that you see your doctor when anything that concerns you is happening with your body or mind.

You do not need to tell your doctor that you think you are a vampire. Doctors are not interested in self-diagnosis; they are interested in symptoms or how you feel. Here is an example: Instead of saying "I think I am a vampire because I hate the sun and am nocturnal", You can say the following. "I have been having trouble sleeping at night and am lethargic all day yet energetic at night. Lately I have noticed that I burn more easily when I go out in the sun and I am having trouble driving during the day because the sun hurts my eyes and makes them want to shut and the glare off oh other cars blinds me." The later is a more accurate description of the symptoms that you are experiencing and allows the doctor to access you from a medical standpoint.

As you become familiar with this community and possibly start participating in it you will notice that people will often suggest that you see a doctor when you describe what is happening to you. This is not to say that they do not believe that you are or are not a vampire or that you are or are not experiencing what you say you are. The reason that doctors are suggested is to ensure that you do not have something that is treatable, as leaving an illness untreated often causes complications that would not have occurred with prompt treatment.

by Lady Slinky

Dealing with Doctors

Sanguinarius urges anyone to get a medical diagnosis (and / or treatment, if it's necessary for the condition) for any medical condition/s that you might have, before assuming that it is because you are a vampire. Furthermore, if you are worried that they will "lock you away" for being crazy, consider this: Go; just don't mention the v-word. Explain to the doctor what your condition or symptoms are. Just because you have a medical condition is NOT grounds for a doctor to think you're crazy. But if you go in, babbling about vampires, they probably will. Medical conditions are what doctors are there for. Use them. It makes them happy.

Example: I have sensitive eyes and skin / allergies / migraines / whatever else. I go in to get my symptoms / conditions checked. I say, "Doc, I have sensitive eyes and skin / allergies / migraines / whatever else. Will you check them out? Can anything be done?"

I DON'T go in saying, "Doc, I'm a vampire, and I have sensitive eyes and skin / allergies / migraines / whatever else. Can you check them out?"

Lots of people go to doctors to get similar symptoms and conditions checked out. Even if you have all of them, and you have the same doctor check them all out, the worst that he'd think is that you are a medical basket case, and have a HEYDAY in diagnosing and treating you!

Now, the only time that you should worry is if, say, you actually don't have a heartbeat, or if you actually don't need to breathe, and stuff like that. Then I would recommend avoiding doctors. But I guarantee you that if you are reading this, you DO have a heartbeat, and you DO have to breathe.

So, no excuses. Go get a medical checkup. Go get them derned symptoms diagnosed before you just accept them. (Just don't mention the v-word...)

This has been a public service message brought to you by Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page.

by Sanguinarius


Those of you who can ingest garlic, do so! It's a wonderful antioxidant and boosts both the immune system and the general energy level. Just don't ingest too much of it if you are planning on certain, um, intimate activities. Since garlic is an antioxidant, it helps guard against cancer -- and we who are photosensitive probably have to fear skin cancer more than the average person.

from Sarah Dorrance

Feeding from the Sick

Some diseases are not communicable, but feeding from a weak donor isn't generally a nice thing to do, and you won't get much energy from the blood anyway because it's weak blood. A good rule of thumb, regarding diseases, is to never feed from someone who is sick. Feeding from that person will not help your donor get well at all (it will only make things worse, because you're taxing that person's immune system by causing your donor's body extra stress). It will expose you to disease. Wait until your partner is better, or find a more suitable partner (depending on what your partner is infected with). You can increase your immune defenses (which, in my unscientific opinion, are strong in vampires anyway, barring unusually stressful circumstances) by eating regular and nutritional and adequate meals (including feeding regularly), taking multi-vitamin supplements, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress in your life. Not all of this might be practical, so don't necessarily expect your immune system to behave perfectly. Supplements of ginseng, golden seal, garlic, and echinacea can help; so, apparently, can royal jelly. Ginseng and garlic you can take on a regular basis; save the rest for when you are actually coming down sick and need to restore your balance. Royal jelly can be taken daily, but is very expensive, so you might not want to bother. None of these supplements will foolproof you against disease. Please keep that in mind.

by Sarah L. Dorrance

Feeding from Other Vampires or Yourself

Originally posted to the ShadowLore group --

It's not wrong for vampires to feed from each other, but it might not be too healthy on the vampires in the long run. The reason why is that you're essentially taking water from one cup to fill the second cup, but then taking that water out of the second cup to fill the first one. There's no new water added to either cup, and so the cups don't get filled up, plus when you pour the water back and forth from cup to cup, some ends up getting spilled/wasted along the way. It is the same effect with vampires and blood or psi -- the lifeforce.

As for feeding from yourself (while we're running in the same vein of conversation), it is also not a good idea, as you are taking water out of a cup and putting it back into the same cup -- no added water, and as always, some is wasted, spilled, whatever.

Either of these methods will work in a pinch, but it is NOT a good idea to do this over the long haul.

And I should add that especially feeding from yourself is setting a dangerous precedent: It gets easier to rely on this method, especially if you do not have a any kind of donor -- after all you ARE your own donor, and you are right there, and ready and willing. It's too easy a habit to fall into. I recommend avoiding this if at all possible, especially if you tend to be a heavy feeder or need more that the equivalent of a few tablespoonfuls for a feeding.

from Sanguinarius

Generally Staying Healthy

The best diet is to eat healthy and a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, breads/grains, some meats (or if a vegetarian, some sort of food with high protein such as nuts), and milk and cheese; chew your food thoroughly; take your time eating and when you feel full, stop eating at that point. Don't gorge yourself. Limit sugary sweets. If you gotta have sweet stuff, eat natural sweet stuff such as fruits.

Many raw, or lightly steamed veggies are quite good and a heckuva lot better for you than cooked. Canned food is just about worthless; I have seen with my own eyes junk food that is more nutritious than canned veggies. I kid thee not. I was very disturbed by it. I now buy frozen veggies which are *almost* as good as fresh.

Walking is the best and most natural exercise for the body. Walk 30 minutes a day (this can be broken up, say, into walking 10 minutes three times a day if you can't get a 30-minute chunk of time). Keep this up consistently (we're talking for months). This can also help depression. If you actually want to lose weight by walking, then you should probably walk for an hour each day, or at least 5 or 6 times a week. Walking is a helluva lot better on -- and for -- your body than running or jogging.

You might consider aerobics classes.

More on diets: Most if not all of those diets that claim "lose xx pounds in xxx days (or your money back, or whatever)", rely on the fact that you WILL lose weight, -- WATER weight, not body fat. But people fall for it because they see these quick results and go "Wow! This really does work!" and become loyal to the program.

The more recently and quickly the fat got put on, the easier and quicker is it for that fat to get lost. Older fat, that you put on a longer time ago, or that accumulated slowly over time, will be more difficult to lose. But it is still possible.

You lose weight by working it off. Diets won't cause you to LOSE weight, but may keep you from gaining more, or slow down your gain.

Skipping meals, fasting, or starving yourself is not an efficient way to lose weight. Your body will want to conserve what it has if food intake become scarce or nonexistant. Granted, you may lose some weight simply because you are using up some without consuming any additional. But this is neither a wise nor healthy way to go about dieting.

As I said above, the best way is to eat healthy and not too much, and exercise regularly.



New!Since my dentist has been chewing me out, I thought I'd pass some information on that he taught me.

If you are going to feed directly from whatever puncture wound is being made, instead of "dispensing" it into a spoon or something, GO TO YOUR DENTIST FIRST!

Periodontal disease is a nasty thing, and highly contagious. A common form of it is gingivitis, but it can take shape in several ways. Basically, your mouth is full of bacteria, and that's perfectly fine. But in some instances, two very bad kinds of bacteria build up in your mouth at insanely rapid rates. These are the same bacteria that form tartar and plaque. It likes to hide under the gumlines, and typically has no real noticeable symptoms, other than bad breath and the occaisional bleeding gums. Due to this, it's often not caught until it's fully set in, and causing bone loss, gum recession, and tooth mobility (which leads to teeth falling out). Still.. If it's confined to the mouth, it's somewhat tolerable with treatment. But if it were to somehow get into the bloodstream (like from a vamp feeding from a donor), the bacteria can travel through the blood stream to the heart and cause a heart attack. Which is not fun.

I know we're always harping on the donors to get tested to keep both parties safe, but this is one way for you guys to feel good, that you're being active in the "Keeping us all safe" part of the relationship. That, and your dentist will be happy to see you on your yearly cleaning and checkup.

From AcrophobicPixie


I've had alot of problems with my blood iron level and a few severe cases of anemia. My doctor put me on these new vitimins, but they didn't help.

I found that everything the doctor was trying was not working...Until a friend explained to me that your body better absorbs your vitamins if you drink tea about a half an hour before you take your the vitamins. If you have moderate to severe anemia, and just feel weak or undernurished alot, try this.

From Anonymous

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