Real Vampires; or, A Rose is a Rose

By Crimson^Angel

Real Vampires, normally I wouldn’t start a sentence this way because who is to say what is real and what isn’t. Though the topic I will address today is, what is a REAL vampire?

After reading many websites, and finding the same information on the subject, only worded differently. I have come to the conclusion that recycled information is the way to go when you’re trying to give insight on what is a real vampire. No one has anything new to say or new articles of information to give. They just spit out already chewed cud and offer it to you. Perhaps they believe their way of thinking and wording articles would give you a better insight or understanding on what they are. But in a sense I still have no idea what image they are trying to push on me.

So I start by giving you the same information I have acquired for myself. By their definition, a real vampire is a person or thing which lacks to maintain energy, and they need to replenish that energy every so often. They do this by means of feeding on a host, victim, or donor. Whatever you may call it, it’s the same thing. They are taking energy from something and transferring it into themselves.

That’s their definition. Yet these people are the same people who love to separate vampires into categories. What categories am I talking about? I am talking about the use of the terms pranic vampires and/or psi vamps, and the other term is sanguine vampires or blood vamps, as if there is a difference.

The people who write the articles expect us to think that vampires, going by their definition, are real vampires. When in sense they themselves like to separate and think that one or the other categories of vampires are the “real ones”. I think it’s a load of crap. A vampire is a vampire whether you are blood or psi. It really makes no difference; you drink blood or you intake energy in its pure form; you are still talking energy from another person into yourself.

Vampires will argue that blood vamps are nothing like psi vamps. They say that they do not believe that the only reason they drink blood is because of the energy in it. They say that the reason they drink blood is because they crave and they need it to go on another day, to feel themselves 100%.

Yet, going back to the definition, they agree that they need energy to sustain themselves. So are we not a bit confused here? How can you say that energy has nothing to do with you wanting to drink blood, when blood itself contains energy in it? Blood is a life source; it, itself, is alive. In my honest opinion, I think when blood vampires drink blood they use it as a catalyst to activate their psi vampirism. Taking in the blood acts like a mental trigger to create a link between the donor and the vampire. This is something they cannot do that psi vamps can.

Psi vampires can manipulate the energy in a person, and direct that energy from that person into himself or herself. Therefore ridding them of the need to create a wound in their donors and drinking of their blood. After speaking to many “psi vampires” myself, all agree to that fact that sometimes they, too, crave blood in times of what they call “vamping out”.

Vamping out is a name for when vampires are so low on energy they will do just about anything to get it. But since they can’t, they mentally become a bit unstable, not being able to control themselves or their appetite.

My idea on this is because blood is revered by many spiritual belief systems as sacred. Many rituals or sacrifices require either blood or a bit of bloodletting for the ritual to take part. Blood is a physical and spiritual bond; it is what keeps everyone alive — lose too much blood and you die. So one can see why the craving for it can be very strong at times. The need to connect with someone other then you is everyone’s desire.

Since vampires tend to be loners or are known for being loners, once in a while they need psychical company to feel whole. So, there is no real difference between blood vampires and pranic vampires; they all crave the same thing, they just get it in different forms.

The purpose of this article was not to separate the two, but to make it clear that we need to stop putting vampires in two separate classes. They are one and the same; they just do things differently. Everyone gets hungry but not everybody will eat the same food to fill up his or her stomach.

Separating vampires separates them as a whole, causing differences to take precedence. They need to be united as one, and understand that they all need each other to survive. They need to start thinking of themselves as a unit, a collective, instead of thinking they’re all different when that is not the case. Vampires are vampires and shouldn’t be separated into classes to make some vampires feel superior to others.

Crimson^Angel contributed the articles “The Four Stages of Dealing with One’s Vampirism”, “Advice to the Newly Awakened”, “What is a Psi Vampire?”. and “Real Vampires; or, A Rose is a Rose”. She also contributed the poem “The Bond”.


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