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from Sanguinarius

Always carry an extra pair of shades with you, in case something should happen to the ones you’re currently wearing; and always carry them with you even if you are not going to need them, because you never know for certain that Murphy’s Law won’t catch you “with your pants down”.

Sunglasses with the gray lenses provide the most and best protection to the eye itself, over those with other colored lenses; plus they have the added benefit of not causing you to see the world in funky colors, both when you put them on, and especially when you take them off!

Polarized lenses do reduce glare.

“Blue-Blocker” Glasses

from anonymous

My eyes are not all that light colored, but bright lights hurt, and darkened polarized sunglasses, such as Ray Ban, just don’t do the trick outdoors. Here’s the tip: If polarized glasses don’t work for you, try “blue-blocker” glasses. Those yellow-orange-colored lenses reduce glare by filtering out most of the interfering blue portion of the spectrum, so contrast is increased. And, wearing these I can walk from full sun to an interior room and not even think about taking them off, since there’s very little difference in the brightness of the room with or without them.

Welding Glasses

by SphynxCat; updated by Sanguinarius

Tired of getting that burning sensation behind your eyeballs in the morning, afternoon, or ANY time of day? Welding glasses just might be the answer! They come in many ‘shade’ variations, personally I recommend ‘shade 3’ or ‘shade 5’ strengths — you can get them in a style that looks pretty mundane that most non-welders won’t recognize as welding glasses — see below. (Some of us DO need to blend in as much as possible…)

You can find them (or ask for them) at any welding store. Look them up in the yellow pages if you have to, but go. Where I live, I’m one of about 4 women in the CITY that come in to that store on a regular basis. They knew me by name on my second visit. Any women that go to a welding store will probably get the royal treatment — but don’t quote me on that. (‘Cause knowing my luck, I’ll get flame mail from someone who visited a store who’s only counter person was having a BAAAAAD day! And I won’t be responsible for that, you hear?) The store I go to has given me discounts, but I cannot verify if that’s standard across the board to all customers or to just me, so don’t quote me on that either!

A word of CAUTION…The standard torch lenses are very GREEN in color. Newbies will have trouble telling colors apart. I’ve been wearing them constantly for over 10 years, my eyes/brain can adjust for the green so well it’s unbelievable to most mundanes. If you intend to wear them while driving (I do! It can be done!) and you’re not used to telling the color, you’ll need to look for the POSITION of the lighted traffic signal rather than the color.

The specific model of welding glasses I’m talking about are Astrospec 3000®, and they’re made by a company called UVEX; and while they make these standard green tinted lenses, they ALSO make a variety of other colors for other uses. Those of you who may be colorblind (or like me, running your computers in grayscale ’cause it’s faster on a slow system) the products pictured list the color as well as show the glasses in THAT color. Notice the relative amounts of light transmitted by each lens type…

UVEX has since been bought out and become part of Honeywell. There is a large variety of both goggles as well as safety glasses in a variety of styles, strengths and tints.  As examples, a couple are  shown below:


UVEX Astrospec 3000™

Here’s a picture of the Astrospec 3000® model so you can see for yourself.  This picture has a clear lens but they also come in green, yellow, red, gray…. The lens is detachable from the frame so you can change just the lens when it gets too scratched or otherwise damaged (or if you wish to switch lenses). Product literature on the Astrospec® family is available at http://www.honeywellsafety.com/USA/Product_Catalog/Eye___Face_Protection.aspx?tid=886&bid=0&hid=0&iid=0

Uvex Pheos™

This is eye protection workers will want to wear. Uvex Pheos safety eyewear combines innovative technologies with modern design to deliver the ideal balance of comfort and attractive styling workers want and the high-performance protection they need – and deserve. For the clearest vision on the job, Uvex Pheos eyewear features technologically-advanced, duospherical lenses for unparalleled optical quality and superior all-around coverage. Available in Regular and Slim sizes, Uvex Pheos fits the workforce and performs to perfection. Available at http://www.honeywellsafety.com/Products/Eye_and_Face_Protection/Uvex_Pheos%E2%84%A2.aspx?site=/usa


Oh, the cost? Expect to pay up to around $10/lens, and up to $20 for frame/lens pair. Those of you on a really tight budget (like students! grin), this might be expensive to purchase the first time around, but depending on how badly you lose/break/otherwise render sunglasses useless, it’s cheap in the long run. I’ve broken a number of pairs over the years. I refuse to buy mundane prescription glasses; and in fact, when I size new frames for my regular prescription, I take them with me to make sure my new frames will FIT UNDER the shades. I made the mistake of not doing that once, boy did I pay for it…

(Welding shops also sell welding jackets — simple leather, no special chemical coating — and I recommend a “small” if you’re an average woman. But try them on and see.)

Also from Uvex

from Sanguinarius

This line is also available, and has a more “sunglassy” feel and look to them.

Uvex Instinct™

Uvex Instinct provides high-performance protection with a sleek design and lightweight frame, featuring a variety of adjustability features for a comfortable, customized fit. Uvex Instinct is equipped with a dual, 7-base wraparound lens for uncompromised peripheral vision, with a fully integrated, cushioned browguard to comfortably diffuse and deflect impact energy.


S2820 - S2820XP main

These goggles and glasses are available for viewing and researching what you’re wanting/looking for.  They may be purchased online, but apparently not FROM the Honeywell website.  Just do a web search for the line that interests you.  Also, check your local welding shop to see if they carry them or similar.

Hodgson Safety Glasses

Hetre is another line of safety glasses, with a rather stylish example shown below:

Return to Album VENTURE II
Model#: SB1820S
Lens: Gray-Commonly used in outdoor application. Offers protection from excessive glare and high levels of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.#4103 ANTI FOG AVAILABLEExceeds CSA Z94.3 standardsAvailable at http://imageevent.com/haeye/master/safetyglasses/venture2?p=4&n=1&m=-1&c=4&l=0&w=4&s=0&z=2

“I can never find sun- or welding glasses to fit me”

from Sanguinarius

If you find a pair that is too large for your head, but is otherwise suitable, what you can do is this: Get a sports strap and add it to the earpieces of your shades. I’m not talking about the long kind that is designed to allow the glasses to hang down around your neck; I’m talking about the kind designed to hug your head. I have a pair of welding glasses that would otherwise be too large for me, and the strap I use to keep them on my face I got at Walgreen’s. It’s a short, elastic strap, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Sango mentioned that they are starting to sell tinted contacts, and he found that they are very helpful, because you can leave them in all the time!

Swim Goggles

From Loraelie

There are some swim goggles that are well darkened and polarized with 100% uv protection. They are quite helpful for those of us who enjoy a good swim. because they are mirrored lenses as well, the darkness isn’t too much for at night, not that it could be really. Here is something that would work — http://www.swim2000.com/product/barracuda-bliss-swim-goggles/. Dark tinted, UV protected (and you got to love anti-fog lenses for when you like to spend a long time under water). There are also many other styles of swim goggles available.

Sun Protection

In cruising through your pages, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people are having major problems with sunlight, and wonder if sunblock goes any higher. I can recommend what I jokingly refer to as Sunblock 2000. It’s a secret passed down from my father, who was a redhead like me, and spent much time outside when he was in the Air Force.

Go to your local grocery store and look in the baby aisle for diaper rash ointment (ex. Desitin). This stuff is almost pure zinc, and is absolutely the best sun protection I have ever found. One application lasted me for an entire week during a camping event where even naturally dark people were burning. It’s a thick, white paste that smells rather bad for the first few minutes; it’s kind of greasy, and if you didn’t look like a Goth before you put it on, you sure will afterwards! 😉 But it really does work. (From Anonymous.)

You might also consider Total Block, by Fallene, which comes in SPF 65. “Inspired by the need for protection from the rays of the sun and designed to combat the damaging effects on the skin. Total Block provides a unique, complete block for UVA/UVB, offering full spectrum protection for photosensitive individuals. Total Block is formulated with a multitude of ingredients to protect against light and its harmful effects.” (Tip from Katicus.)

Dark Curtains

One of the biggest problems I have as a vampire is keep the sun out of my room doing the day so I don’t get a headache during the day so to help me get though the day I put black fabric up on the windows to help block out the during day. I sleep most of the day but when I am I enjoy the dark so I see and not feel like having a headache all the time. — Broken Angel

You can buy Black Out Drapery Liner here. Creates the ideal sleep environment by blocking out unwanted light and noise. Attaches easily to tab-tops, rod pocket curtains or drapes. Not suitable for sheer curtains. Available in either 56″, 77”, or 88” lengths (Choose 56″ to line 63″ long panels – 77″ to line 84″ long panels – 88” to line 95” long panels . (Tip from Katicus.)

SPF Certified Clothing

Ephraim mentioned that there is a Canadian clothing company that sells internationally that has all its products Certified UPF 50+.  The compnay is Tilley Endurables and here is what they say:

“Sun Protection Never Looked So Good. Tilley Hats block 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. We also work with researchers to select fabrics for our clothing that protect travelers from the sun’s damaging rays and then we have them UPF certified, so you’ll know it.”

Tilley Endurables ships internationally, and they also have a number of retail stores across the North American continent. Click here for their store finder.

Birth Control (!)

from Chrissy, DizzyFireElf (at) hotmail.com

I was awakened two years ago at the age of sixteen, and I am both psi and blood vamp. I had severe reactions to sun, almost constant migraines, insomnia, and intense cravings for about a year during my awakening. I’ve begun to actually have less symptoms as time has progressed, and I am currently able to actually spend short periods of time in the sun… Something I’ll mention as a woman and a vampire is that when I began taking birth control pills, my sun reactions were lessened, and I had fewer migraines. I suggested this to a few of my other newly awakened female friends, and they have found it to be helpful as well. I though it might just be a helpful suggestion to those with extreme symptoms.

“Ur’s Blood”

from Aneria Romana

When I get stuck in sunlight, if I drink V-8 Splash (with carrot juice in it) or Ur’s Blood (a family recipe) then the effects of sunlight are livable and I can do more without attracting a lot of attention to myself.

There are 2 different ways to make Ur’s Blood. The original way works better for older vampires (those that have been awakened for a while). The original way and the way I like it is 8 oz. of tomato juice (not from concentrate) and 8 oz. of carrot juice, combined. The second way, for those who don’t like it so strong, is to use 8 oz. of tomato juice (not from concentrate) and 4 oz. of carrot juice.

If you have no taste buds and like things really strong, just drink the carrot juice straight.

Also Check Out:


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I’m the founder/creator/page slave of Sanguinarius.org. I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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