The Responsibility of a Vampire

By Neon Angel

Have you ever thought about your impact on people? How have you affected, say, the people you feed from? Have you ever thought about that?

Well, you god damn well should! Why? Because as vampires we have the skills and the power to make a person feel like a King or Queen, or make them feel like trash, scum, or a waste of space. Now why would we make someone feel that bad? I found it to be two main things:

First is that we need to feed, and I know many vampires (myself being one of them) who make a person feel fear, terror, hate, pain. Basically, any negative feeling because — let’s face it — most of the time these are the strongest feelings and the tastiest to feed from (though not for all. I’ve known vampires who, if they feed from that type of energy, they feel ill afterwards). But have any of you bothered to look into what your little games do to the humans in the long term? I have, and it’s not always nice. Sure, some get over it. But a lot do not, or not as quickly as others. I know it sounds mad, but I know of humans that have become or wished to become a hunter just because some vampire fed from them.

The second reason may be the fact that a lot of the time vampires do act like and talk about humans being lower than us. Now I know that this is not true, and I know that most vampires believe the same. But have you looked at the way we talk about them a lot of the time? We are making jokes about them; we are bitching about their world, etc. Now with that kind of attitude, it is very easy to forget that they are no lower than us. Also, what happens when a young vampire who knows very little goes on to a message board and finds that many vampires are talking down about humans. What’s that kid going to think? I will tell you — he will think that humans are just food that talks. Now I know that all it takes is to explain to the kid that it is wrong, but it does not always work like that.

One of the main problems is that we cut ourselves off from many people and most the world. I’m sure we’ve all got our reasons. To tell you the truth, I’m very much for that in my own way (but that’s another story). But we must not lose touch with the world. It’s very easy to hurt or use something or someone when you have very little to do with them at all.

I’ve seen and I am told about so many people that have been hurt by vampires so that the vampires can feed. I, myself, have done it many times in the past (and to be honest still do it now on some level). We talk about trying to get the world to understand us, to believe in us (personally, I don’t give a @#%$ about that), but what they going to see when they look at us? They’re going to see a load of people on a power trip using and abusing other people.

We all must feed from people wisely. We must not let our darker side rule. You can happily feed off someone without doing them harm; come on, you may even help them a bit. You know, by making them happy or horny or whatever; you still get to feed but are you hurting them? No, you are not. Is that so bad? No, it’s not. Just think about all the people you have fed from. Did you use them? Did ya @#%$ them about? Hurt them in any way? If yes, then think, in the next 5 years if you carry on the same way, how many people would you have hurt then?

Neon Angel contributed the article, “The Responsibility of a Vampire”.


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