Donor Courtesy

By Giselle Le Boursier

Be careful how you approach your prospective donor; you may have known this person for years and think you can tell them everything. Not always. First, ask them if they believe in vampires. If they give you the Hollywood version, then tell them you have read an article or heard on TV that there are real vampires. If they start freaking out and saying they are “not of God” you KNOW they will not be your donor.

Please, if you decide that your donor is not for you, let the person know. Even if it hurts the donor’s feelings, just let us know; we will get over it.

If at all possible, and you know your donor is driving a long way to feed you, let them know BEFORE they leave if you change your mind.

Make SURE the donor understands what you need from them. By this I mean blood, energy, or sex. Make sure they understand what you need of whatever is you need to keep you healthy.

Make sure they understand HOW you are getting what you need: lancet, scalpel, cutting, etc. I think donors get so caught up in being a donor that they do not realize some pain is involved.

Try not to treat us just as food (even if that is all we are). I think some vamps are so afraid of the donor getting attached that they forget to be nice. Believe it or not, SOME of us just want to be your friend and help you out.

Above all, always make sure they know you are grateful for them being your donor. I have had some to tell me they felt as if the vampire thought they were doing the donor a favor.

Giselle lives in Marion, Illinois and is a donor. She contributed the article, “Donor Courtesy”.


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