Tips for Finding a Donor

By Magi Vamp

I see it all the time in chat rooms and on message boards… People saying, “I can’t find a donor”, or “I can’t get blood.” When in all actuality if you know what you are doing, and if you are patient and take your time it’s quite an easy process. The process I’m going to explain in this article is one that I use and have found to work through experience.

When it comes to choosing a potential donor, there are several things that I look for:

Someone who’ll be open to the whole subject of vampirism. This is a rather obvious one, but I’m not going to take any chances. If the person isn’t open to vampirism they’re obviously not going to be open to allowing you to feed off of them.

Someone whom you can trust. Trust is the one aspect that can’t be stressed enough when it comes to a donor, but the trust must go both ways. You must find someone you trust and someone who trusts you. You don’t need someone going around telling all the world that you’re a vampire and that they let you drink their blood… That wouldn’t be good.

Drugs and alcohol. I highly advise against having a donor that does drugs at all or drinks alcohol on a more than social/occasional basis, as these things can stay in the blood stream and greatly affect the vampire. I know someone who became a smoker because their donor was a smoker and they got addicted to the nicotine in the donor’s blood stream.

Now, what most people are probably going to think is to ask a friend, significant other, or family member. I would have to advise against a family member, especially if you live in a family like mine where there is no such thing as privacy. Also, I would have to say that you should consider not considering a significant other; while this is a perfectly viable option that works for some I just feel that it adds a dimension to the relationship that doesn’t need to be there and can cause excess stress in the relationship. I’m speaking form personal experience here. So you’re left with a good friend, or a popular option of meeting a donor over the internet.

If you decide to go with the friend option, weigh your options carefully as some may ridicule you for saying that you’re a vampire. This is generally the safest option as, if chosen wisely, your friend will keep your secret (and you’ll be closer to them for sharing) and perhaps say “yes”. Remember, if they’re open to the subject but say “no” you should not pressure them to do so. If you decide to find someone over the internet I suggest stressing extreme caution when meeting them. I personally do not condone meeting people over the internet, but to each his own.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to screen your donors for the following things:

Diseases carried in the blood, such as HIV/AIDS. You can have your donor screened by several places including: The American Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, Public Health, and, of course, your local hospital or clinic.

Mental health problems including depression. These can be serious problems and a donor with them should be avoided at all costs for their safety. Also anyone who cuts themselves should be avoided even if they don’t have any evident mental health problems.

Diseases such as anemia. These diseases have to do specifically with the blood and can cause it to be very dangerous for the donor as they often thin the blood.

Well, I hope that you all benefit from this article. Peace.

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