On Methods of Blood-Letting

By Ingrid Blackmore

Well, there are certainly a variety of ways in which a vampire takes blood. When I became a donor, I knew very little about blood-letting, and just assumed that the vampire would bite my neck. *winces at the thought* However, she generally uses brand new razors, lancets, or surgical scalpels to make small cuts on my upper back, rear end, breasts, or upper thigh. As these areas are generally somewhat fatty on females, it is less painful.

Interestingly, I just discovered a new way to donate. Have you ever noticed the way in which the skin covering the elbow is naturally numb? It is, believe me; it must have fewer nerve endings. Right now, take a moment to straighten your arm out, and pinch that skin as hard as you can. Harder, ha-a-a-arder. Okay, now, I’d be willing to bet that you felt little to no pain squeezing that fold of skin as hard as you possibly could, right? Of course, this is a non-fatty area that doesn’t necessarily boast gobs of blood vessels, which indicates that you will not receive a ready fountain of red stuff. But for those donors who are either new to donating or are especially squeamish, you might want to try using a brand spanking new razor blade to plow this area for goodies. Think of it as your new irrigation system. 🙂

Regarding the precision of cuts (i.e. depth and width): I think the most useful technique has proven to be that of Sarah Dorrance, in which you make a small X to mark the spot, and dig for treasure. 😉 Also, remember never to cut too deep; if in doubt, experiment on yourself first. If you are too squeamish to experiment on yourself, you’ve really no business experimenting on someone else.

Regarding syringes: Several times, she has drawn blood from the larger veins on my inner arm, the same way in which a nurse would draw blood. Ideally, you will want to use a phlebotomy kit for syringe blood-letting. This is probably my least favorite as syringes either feel too clinical or too heroin-oriented (not that I have ever even tried heroin).

Regarding biting: She rarely bites me to draw blood, yet when she does, she bites my lips. Pain becomes pleasurable. 🙂 Arguably, this is a somewhat painful method, but when one is on the receiving end of a succulent kiss, one feels the pain less.

Finally, probably my favorite way to donate: She feasts when I am menstruating. Of course, she waits until I am about three days into bleeding as the blood of the first few days is generally clotty and left-over from the previous cycle; likewise, the blood from the last few days tends to be somewhat stale and lacking. Some might argue that such a method must be necessarily eroticized. I say, “Pooh!” Life is erotic, drink blood, have fun, think with your heart and sing for your senses. Blood’s a rush, try to keep up. 🙂

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