Submissions Guidelines & Form

Read This First!

You can use this form to submit materials to Sanguinarius for Sangi to review for possible inclusion on the website.  Submissions can be anything from short tips/advice, Problems Vampires Have, Good Vampires Do, Fun Vampires Have, to articles and, I believe, you can even upload and submit graphics, audio and video files.

TIP: You can copy/paste text into the Submission Form and it will retain its formatting.

Sanguinarius is seeking information for, by or about:

  • vampires (of course)
    • blood and blood vamps
    • psi/energy vamps
    • hybrid vamps
    • elemental vamps
    • …other vamps not covered
  • otherkin
  • therians
  • vampire-otherkin or vampire-therian hybrids
  • donors: for, by or about
  • seekers: for, by or about
  • shields and shielding; filtering techniques (for psi-vampires)
  • parents who are vampires themselves
  • parents raising little vampires
  • awakening stories (as a youth or adult)
  • …anything relating to but not covered by the above

No spam: spam accounts may be deleted along with all associated materials.  If you’re a real person, though, don’t let that worry you or scare you off.  (I’m pretty intelligent and can tell spam from real information. grin)

Use this form only for the submission of materials for consideration of inclusion on Sanguinarius; do NOT use this form to contact Sangi with issues, questions, problems you need help with (unless it’s for Problems Vampires Have), “turn/awaken me” requests, and so forth!

By submitting material or information via the following form, you are consenting to have your material published on, and possibly mirrored and/or translated on other sites (I require them to include proper credit). Also, you are certifying that you are the creator/author/originator, and/or have proper permission to submit the material.

Please use the FAQs form to submit questions.  When you don’t, it creates A LOT more work for me as I have to manually stransfer your post to a different category.

[Submissions Form]

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