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I have picked these sites and believe them, to the best of my knowledge, to be reliable and trustworthy sites and resources for, by and about real vampires, donors, otherkin & therian sites and some shops and online stores, businesses and services of real vampires and other community members (these may or may not have to do with vampires and vampirism).

To submit a link, jump down past the links to Submit a Link. 🙂 Not every site out there will be included; just the “best of the best of the best”, to quote Men In Black.  But go ahead and submit your link for consideration and we’ll check it out.  One thing that helps get a link included is its staying power, or longevity, — I hate finding a good site, only to have it disappear in a few months, –although if I can’t resist a newer site, I might include it anyway.




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