What is the awakening?

Awakening is like a vampire's puberty. Obviously, we also have puberty, but awakening puts your body through a lot of changes to get you to being a full vampire. It's also usually partnered with a lot of mental changes. Dealing with the fact that you want to drink someone's blood is not an easy thing.

Symptoms of awakening…? Mostly just the same as symptoms of vampirism. But I'm not going to list symptoms right now, because symptoms are just symptoms. I have headaches; I pass out; I go blind. Those are all also symptoms of lyme disease, migraines, brain tumors, and drugs. All doctors do is elimate the diseases that it is not (lyme disease, brain tumor, drugs), and diagnose you with the one thing left; even if in the future we find out that it's something different. The doctors have come to the conclusion that I have migraines.

The symptoms of vampirism don't just point to vampirism. They also point to anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and about a million and two other things. All we've done with those symptoms is gone to the doctors and eliminated all the other possibilities, and come to the last conclusion; and we are dealing with it the best we can.

So, in conclusion, the symptoms don't really matter. What matters is the conclusion: we need to get energy. Whether that be through psychic means, or with an x-acto — we need energy.

I say this because many people who think they're awakening (not necessarily you) bring too much importance to the symptoms of vampirism, and don't have that one conclusion. And, it needed to be said.

So now that that's said, here are some of the major symptoms, but keep them in perspective: Being nocturnal, having a hunger for blood, photosensitivity (whether with skin or eyes), empathy or other natural psychic abilities, and a higher sensory awareness.


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