What do you recommend a psy-vamp doing when he or she is first awakened at a young age?

The first thing I recommend is to learn how to control when and how you feed; the second thing, how to shield. Learning how to control when and where, as well as from whom and how much, you feed, will help you to maintain a reasonable level of energy and also keep you from overly tiring out other people. You'll be able to feed when you need to and also to keep from having a whole bunch of energy rush in and overwhelm you at certain times. Learning to shield will help with that last one, as well. If you experience others' emotions and feelings, and have trouble figuring out which are theirs and which are genuinely yours, learning to control empathy would be the third thing I recommend to do.

I have some information on these on my site, in the Articles section and also the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section. More information is available on the web, as well. A good site to visit would be SphynxCat's Vampire Support Page at http://sphynxcatvp.nocturna.org/ — SphynxCat has that set up as a kind of “quick ref” guide to information on various sites, as well as some info on her site as well. I highly recommend it.

If you drop by the Vampiric Community Message Board at http://www.vcmb.org/ there is a lot of good information there, as well, plus others who are willing to help out, answer questions and share their experience.

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