Are there such things as Slayers?

No, “slayers” are a fictional creation popularized by the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show and it's spinoffs such as “Angel”. Some people simply choose to call themselves “slayers” because it sounds cool/makes them sound important/makes them sound “bad-assed”/etc. The more intelligent the people that call themselves “slayers” are, the more realistic they can make it sound to those who are more easily fooled.

Historically, the concept of slayers evolved from that of vampire hunters, which were quite real, though far from slayers (and far from Dr. Abraham van Helsing in Bram Stoker's Dracula).  They didn't hunt vampires like John Carpenter's Vampire$ for the Catholic Church or anything else.  What they did, is traveled from town to town looking for unexplained illnesses or deaths and then figuring out a recently deceased corpse to blame.  They then dug the corpse up, examined it for vampiric “signs” (which were most oftenly just natural forensic pathology taking it's natural course), declared it was a vampire, and burned it or staked it into the ground (so it couldn't rise again), or decapitated and reburied it. In Italy, they would shove a brick in it's mouth. If the soil had an sort of preservative quality to it, and the corpse wasn't as rotten as townsfolk thought it should be, all the more evidence that the corpse was indeed a vampire (*distant gong tolls*).

In modern times, the Reverend Sean Manchester (in the U.K.) and his flock assert that the folkloric vampires are real, and purport to hunt them and try to eradicate them.  If he is, in fact, doing this to undead revenants, then I feel we all owe him a big thanks (including the undead revenants he dispatches).  I would NOT want to end up in that state.

There ARE people to watch out for who are, for lack of a better word, vampophobic, or just plain closed-minded bigots.  They have been heard of doing things ranging from egging someone's house to poisoning their pet, to beating someone up or even gang-raping them (different instigators).  And harassment can come much more mildly, too: a whisper at work; a stare; uncomfortable questions.  What's usually next? Your feet, pounding the pavement.

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